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Is Our Child Belongs to Us?

    Generally in India, horoscopes are not calculated before the child completes one year. Today some over enthusiastic parents do calculate the horoscope and try to find the predictions as soon as the child is born. This is totally wrong and against the sastras.

The child doesn’t belong to us until it completes the first year. Ancient scriptures say, that the new born child belongs totally to God. It is believed that souls on the way to mukti, by their spiritual efforts, could die abruptly due to the consequences of Karma. These souls could take a rebirth to fulfill their karmas. And it is possible that they could fulfill their karms in the womb or within the first twelve months, and take off again, their journey towards Mukti.

That is why it is said in the sastras, that the parents can claim the child as their own, only after one year. The horoscope of children that reach, or likely to reach the feet of God in the first year, is called Baalashta Thosha Jathagam. Let us see the structure of such horoscopes.

Baalashta Thosha Jaathagam will have one of the following structures: The moon will be in the sixth or the eighth place from the lagna; or these places will be seen by sinful planets; Saturn, Raghu, or Kethu will be in the fifth place; The waning sun will be in the 9th place; The waning moon, Sun, Saturn, or mars will be in the 9th, 12th or the first place without the sight of Guru; in the event of the lagnam being Scorpio the first six places will be filled by sinful planets and the rest by auspicious planets.

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