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What shall we do to get children? - Remedy & Suggestion

   Sir! Nine years have completed after my marriage. I don’t have the luck of having children. I and my wife do not have a horoscope. Both of us do not know even our date of birth properly. We have seen all types of medical professionals. All the doctors declare that both of us do not have any kind of physical defect. But still we do not have children. The troubles and insulting incidents faced by my wife are not expressive. She is almost going to become a mentally stressed patient. I have been consoling her. Meanwhile, I have been visiting your website frequently. All the information furnished by you is very much useful and wonderful. Hence, I am sending you this e-mail with much confidence that you can guide us to get out of the problems faced by us. What shall we do to get children? We are prepared to do anything suggested by you. Please guide us.
Bala subramaniam,

    We can know the real value of a child if we observe the song composed in Tamil which means the below.

There is no child to play in the rainy mud of the entrance.

There is no child to receive the coconut grinder.

Hence our ancestors said that the gift of family life is the boon of children.

The man without children is not treated with respect in the society, like a king without a throne is not respected.

The problems and insulting incidents faced by the women cannot be expressed in words.

It can be declared that these people cannot participate in the ceremonies, functions, etc. being celebrated for good or bad.

It is very much regrettable that such couples are avoided by all the relatives and friends like a sinner being avoided by all.

While few adults worry about being not blessed with children, few children are craving for parents and worrying for the state of them being orphans.

According to me, it is foolishness to worry about the lack of children.

It is foolishness to consider the children who are born to them only as their children.  We have heard the stories that the own children itself, leave their parents unsupported on the road.

Hence it is the best way to adopt a child if children are not born.

But there is a advice or remedy suggested to you by me.

Both the couples go to Murugan temple and do the fasting of  Kandar Sashti ( is a song, for a hymn addressed to Divinity)  as per the recommended system.

Or pray the Lord Krishna that you will offer the Nendram (ripe plantains) type of bananas as per the weight of your child immediately after the child birth at the Krishna Temple in the Thulabharam (a person weighing himself or herself in a balance and pay in equal weight of gold, fruits or grains to God when one’s prayers are fulfilled.).

You will surely be blessed with children within two years of time.

In case if you did not get a child’s birth, adopt a child boldly a take care of him.

You may get an opportunity of the child’s birth due to the luck of this adopted child is growing in your home.

Show affection equally to both of the children.  Everything will happen well by the grace of the Lord Narayana.

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