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We are not Hindu or Muslim! We are Indians!!

          The Indian people will have to have a situation of bringing various troubles upon themselves if the Central Government takes perplex decisions on the Babar Mosque issue like the puzzling activities held on the Kashmir issue.

Hence it is the effort of the government to take suitable Pre-Cautionary activities by reviewing the situation considering the future conditions wisely.   If not taken wise decision during the stage of salvation of the issue, the country has to face most of the reparations.  The country cannot bear such sticky situations.

The persons involving in the scuffles shall be punished without any kind of partiality irrespective of their religion, Hindu, Muslim, etc.   Whoever considers these persons during the punishments for their political votes, are considered as the enemies to our mother country India.
Everyone shall have in mind that the country is the most important aspect while comparing to the individual significance or the sanctified religion and this is an appreciable fact.

In this important situation, the Hindu people have to realize one thing that the times of the rulings by the Babar and other outsiders are not the happenings of our wishes but that is a past incident.  But it is not a right thought to amend the happenings of today’s history.

Let us consider that the birth place of Rama was demolished by Babar.  How come it is fair to look for a remedy over so much of long time just for the sake of the king’s foolish deed?
The struggle for the Ramar Temple is going on for many generations.  Few people may say that this has become brutal due to some selfish politicians.  We cannot quit this protest.

The Lord Rama is such a great person who told the Ravana, who stood without any weapons on the war field, to go and come the next day.  If we are his true children, then we will have to forgive and deal the enemies affection and love irrespective of their nature and position.  This is the respect we show to the Lord Rama.
This advice will also be suitable for the Islamic people.  The Prophet Muhammad was living in a small hut even though he was having a great opportunity to live like a king.  He is a great person who created a new trait to the public life culture of people by stitching his ragged dress by himself.  He is an excellent matured person that he gave liberty to the views of others instead of changing the relatives of his father, who did not recognize his opinions.  The true Islamic Muslim person who truly follows the pathway shown by the Prophet Muhammad will never choose the way of quarrel.

It is a universal truth that the majority of people like the Hindus has not given equal priority to the minority group of people.  Be aware of this truth and do your best to provide education and medication to the millions of innocent Muslims who remain poor.

It is a misapprehension that the Muslims will grow only if they are dominated.  But the natural fact is that the Islam will live only by providing livelihood to the Muslim people.

Thus  tell your leaders to spend the money being spent in buying the weapons in productive ways.  It is a foolish activity to fight with each other between elder and younger brothers just for a building which is made of lime and brick.

It is not only a misery, but also a shameful activity that such kind of fight is happening in the country where Mahatma Gandhi is born.  Babar and Aurangzeb are foreigners.  But all the other Muslim people are not foreigners.  They are the children and blood relatives of the mother India.
It is for sure that he is insulting the way of the Prophet Muhammad if any Muslim says that the Allah will be happy that Jihad is carried out by killing a Hindu.

And if any Hindu thinks that the Lord Rama will be happy by killing any Muslim, it is for sure that the person buries the ethics of the Hindu Dharma.

Whatever may it be, let us all drink the soup in the home of Akbar and let us also offer the Prasada on the day of Sri Rama Navami Pooja.

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June 20, 2015 at 12:57 AM

During Independence India was divided. Pakistan belongs to muslim. India belongs to Hindus only..... om kali Jai kali........................

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