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Mantra, Magic, Witchcraft are Bluff ? - An Analysis

    That old man was funny in nature. He was slim and taller than a normal man and his nose was like a capsicum, his beard was beyond the chest level, his forehead was fully applied with Holy ash and he introduced himself that his name is Raghavachari. As soon as he sat in front of me, his first question was that whether I am a Vaishnava? (branch of the tradition has raised awareness of veneration of Vishnu Internationally) I answered that I am devoted to Lord Vishnu also I believe that if you trust others as a Vaishnava then he is such. I don’t have such specific formalities which are followed by the Vaishnavas and I am not a Vaishnava if the one who is born in the Vaishnava family is only considered as Vaishnava.

The old man started laughing after grasping the concept of my talk. Then he kept a very old booklet in front of me from a yellow cloth bag which he was carrying in his hand. That book was very much in a spoiled condition such that it may get ragged if taken in hand to read. He told me to read that book instantly. I took a leaf of the book made in palm leaves from his hand and read. I could not understand many characters. The letters were in a blurred state. I could read a few words such as vacuity, sorcery mantras, etc. I told him that all these leaves may contain subjects about witchcraft commands.

He also said that this is a leaf concerned about the witchcraft command and there is no doubt in that. My grandfather was a great magician in his times. He was doing many achievements having   the knowledge of these magical mantras in an appreciable manner. Many Zamindars,(The landholders of demarcated areas, responsible for collecting revenue for the monarchy and rose into prominence during the British colonial era, owing to the opportunity availed by the British in India.) British people used to come and meet my grandfather frequently. I thought to hand over this to a person of this period like you. See, I have given you.  After saying all this he raised a question in front of me.

Please don’t think me as wrong or don’t feel bad about me. Are the magical witchcraft mantras true or these are some tricks to cheat others? I could not believe these things even though my grandfather is a magician. Can anyone make another person alive or destroy by just chanting a mantra with his eyes closed? If anything can be achieved by the mantras, why is the God? Why are these creatures having devotion upon him? Why is the karma? Can you explain me about this?
The person who has questioned like the above is not an ordinary human, not an illiterate or self righteous person, but is a professional who has learned everything in detail from the epics such as Vedas, Brahma Sutra (The Brahma sūtra is an early exposition of the Vedanta-interpretation of the Upanishads) and Bagavat Gita which  can provide detailed explanation about the life. He can deliver a psychological speech if anything is asked about the God, Athma, Earth,etc.. What will the illiterate people ask about the mantras if such great person like this it has so much of suspicion upon the art of mantras? How will the illiterate people believe? Even I was not having complete belief in such mantras till sometime. But, after sequentially observing few events from my experience I could feel that a truth has to be inside this and then I started believing these mantras.

When I was a kid of five years old, a scorpion has bitten my uncle’s son Ramaraj very hardly. For the first time, I could lively feel a person’s pain who was bitten by a scorpion. He was younger than me. The scorpion’s poison started spreading all over his body. He became unconscious after a long cry. We could not take him to hospital as there was no way of transport facility during that time. A bus used to come to our village only twice a day. If that stops, then we could get in. Otherwise, people used to go on a bullock cart, by walk, etc.. and consider this as a regular transportation facility.

It will take few hours to reach the hospital, even if we go by bullock cart or by walk. But the status of the boy became too much worse every minute.  All the women started weeping that time. An old man named Thoppaiyya came there and consoled them to stop weeping and the boy will become instantly cured by taking him to the person named Poongovil Pillai. He will cure the boy with his magical powers. Everyone rushed to the old man named Poongovil pillai living in the corner of the street along with the boy. Poongovil pillai instructed them to make him lie upon the bed. He touched all over the boy’s body with both his  hands. Meanwhile, someone gave him a piece of Neem tree and a bunch of Neem leaves. He started chanting some mantras holding the Neem leaves.

He was murmuring the mantras for about half an hour while the bundle of Neem leaves in his hand was rounded like the shape of a sudarsana chakra. The speed of his twist of the Neem leaves was increasing. Finally, he touched the boy with the Neem leaves three times from his head to his feet and asked someone to bring water. He sprayed the water while someone brought the water and gave him. What a surprise! Ramaraj got up as if he got up from sleep. He was not feeling any pain. The pain will be felt for several hours even if an injection is given by a doctor. But it was a wonder that the boy dangerously affected by the poison got up and did not feel any pain without being injected of any medicine.

I have seen such a wonderful treatment done by an Islamic old man by treating a popcorn boy in a town called Arakandanallur. A patient believes by seeing his eyes that in a few seconds the mouth starts bleeding with a blue colored liquid instantly from the second off chanting the mantra without even using a knife. He experiences that this is not a falsie scene, but a real true fact. Many people say that the mantras do not have any other covers apart from such treatments. If this is true, then how come the poisonous bite of the scorpion is cured and instantly the mouth started bleeding blood. Although, we have no answers for this, it is a true fact that there are few people who have the ability to use the hidden powers which we cannot clearly understand.

A woman from Pondicherry says like this. I do not have confidence in the witchcraft magics. My brother is a very good man. The art of running a family shall be learned from him. He is a hard worker and a very intelligent person. He will never spell a word which may hurt anyone. My sister-in-law is also a very good woman, comparatively with my brother. They had two sons. They spent a very good life. My brother has gone to Kerala for a business activity and stayed there for a few days. He was very much angry in dealing with everyone and was spelling hard words after his return from Kerala. He was walking around without getting sleep in the night like a mad person.

One fine day, early in the morning, he went away by taking two sets of clothes in a case without informing anyone. All of us searched for him vigorously. We could not get any information for about three days. Everyone in our family was very much shocked upon this. He was not only our brother, but also was the base of our family. We cannot think about living a day without him. There are no Gods whom we did not urge. There are no temples where we did not pray. Suddenly, on the fourth day, we got news that my brother is in Kerala. We immediately rushed to Kerala and were shocked to see our brother’s state of that place and felt that our family base is broken.

My brother was in the house of a Panicker (sometimes Panikkar is an Indian title or last name used by members of various communities in the state of Kerala and belong to Kshatriya rank.). A woman of that family was serving my brother. All of us were shocked by listening to him while he said that he will not leave her and come to us. She is everything to him. All of you go away and never trouble me again. We urged him to the core by falling at his feet. He never changed his mind until the end. He did not care the blood relations and also his sons with home he lived for a long time and now he is talking careless. His whole mind was filled with the thoughts of that woman.

Much of my brother’s property was being spent for that woman. The jewel brought by my sister-in-law from her home is also converted to cash by being pledged at the pawn broker shop. That greedy woman has also acquired the thread made in gold, worn by my brother’s son at his waist. Finally, after a few years, my brother stood on the road and reached the home of our family as he became worthless to that woman. He was suffering with a stomach ache. He was even unable to breathe while his stomach was bumped like a pot. At last, we took him to a temple priest of a town named Villiyanur. He gave an herb which was green in colour. My brother started vomiting forcefully. He told us that the woman of Kerala has mesmerized him with a magical mantra and was keeping him along with her for such time. Our brother is fine now. He has started working hard with a feeling of his lifetime mistake. He said that he believes in mantras and the magic of that day.

Likewise, every one of us would have experienced various vulnerable impacts due to the witchcraft and the mantra in our life or heard about such experiences and events held somewhere in some bodies life. Few of you, may have belief in this without any suspicion, while few others may have suspects about the magic is true. Very few people only may think that the magic is a bluff and the people who have trust upon this may face various hindrances while they feel to accept this as truth.

I have strained hard in my life to learn the witchcraft mantras having much interest in it and have experienced facing various good effects due to my hard work. This blog is because of my thought as below. What is the point of hiding all this within me? This will be useful only if this is spread to all the people.

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