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In case if you are such a kind of person….? Caution Ahead...

   If we have lost or spent all the money earned by us, we can earn back everything if we work very hard. One of my friends was from a rich family. The family administration was managed by his brother. His expectation is that, he can earn more, if his share of the property is divided and given to him and his wife. Hence he tortured his brother to a great extent and got his share of the property. He got a modern rice mill and a few acres of land as his share. All his activities are changed from that day.

He sold the ordinary Ambassador car and bought a luxury foreign car in the year 1983 itself for 6 lakh rupees. He lived a luxurious life by wearing expensive footwear, eating high class food, etc. He got bounded with lots of debts within few years itself. He lost all his assets and comforts. At last he joined to work under his brother itself for monthly salary. Today he is a leading a good life with the grace of his brother by getting improved gradually. Why I am telling all this? Because, if the money leaves from us it is easy to get it back.

But it is very hard to get back the lost time in spite of our numerous efforts. It will never come back irrespective of our trails. Hence it was declared that the time and the age will not come back if we lose them. Many people do not understand this truth. They do not want to do any work then and there, but postpone them for tomorrow and tomorrow and so on, they do the work in a hurry at the last minute and get spoiled themselves and make others also tensed due to the improper decision taken by them.

One of a boy known to me did not study during his school days. He could not pass the 10th STD, did not have the mind to get passed, did not even properly gone to work recommended by his father, ran to Chennai and from there he went to Hyderabad, after attaining many failures he went to Mumbai, at last he came back to the native city bare handedly. He troubled his parents to get married to an innocent girl and at last, got married to her. Today, he is wandering around the city by just wasting the time talking meaningless stories troubling, even the girl to whom he got married. He can be called as the irresponsible or lazy person.

But according to me, I will say that he is a dead body, even if he is alive. Because he lost the time, which cannot be got back, he cannot study even if he tries now, he cannot work now, as his body and mind will not cooperate, he shall be saved by his wife after the present care offered by his parents. He will not have any trouble until he has the physical strength. But he will think only after the negligence shown with his wife and kids in his old age. People like him will not think even in this stage, but will keep talking the old meaningless stories.

You might have seen many people like this. You might have seen many people in your home or neighborhood homes. Don’t be kind to such kind of people. Don’t show pity to them. They will consider your kindness as their victory, they will think that you are bound to help them, and will understand your feelings. If you hate them, remain unsupported to them, that may be an opportunity for them to rectify themselves. Hence teach a lesson to those people who did not utilize the time.

One minute!

In case if you are such a kind of person….?


Tomorrow all others may leave you also unsupported.

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