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Do Ghosts have legs?

 Do Ghosts have legs?


          According to the sidhar’s theory, the human body consists of three sheaths of the soul such as, Physical Sheath (Annamaya Kosam), Respiratory Sheath (Pranamaya Kosam), Intellectual Sheath (Vignanamaya Kosam).  The Annamaya Kosam means the physical body consisting of flesh, bone, blood, etc.  The Respiratory Sheath (Pranamaya Kosam) means the invisible.  That is related to the life of the human.  Vignanamaya Kosam means the thoughts related to the subs,  This also is the invisible body which cannot be seen by the eyes.

The Physical Sheath (Annamaya Kosam) gets spoiled after the death of a person.  The other two sheaths will stay or live in the upper world without getting departed from each other.  This is called as the spirit or the ghost.

If the shape is like a spirit, then there is no need of using any body parts to move. They can fly and go to any place as they desire within minutes.  That is like the movement of the air.  Hence the spirits or ghosts need not use their legs to walk.  But still the ghosts have legs unlike other people think that the ghosts do not have legs.

Many supernatural research studies declare that several spirits or ghosts have been living in the same image of their body.  So the demons has a foot. The people who do not believe in the ghosts and spirits will feel much funny about this question and the answer.  We need not concern about that.

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