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Come here, I will solve all your problems --- I have become a God.

      He got angry upon the God, he thought that the God is not fair like the mother in law becomes like a donkey, he could not understand what to do, when to do and not to be done. The God gives box full of money, such as wealth, home, building, etc. to the human, but leaves him without the blessing of the boon of helping others. Why the behavior of the God is unfair?  Is this all right?

He has kept a group of people upsetting & mumbling like this. There is no son. There is no one to burn me when I die. There is no one to care me when I am sick in bed. He has also kept another group of people worrying & whispering like this. Oh God! I have got eight sons! But there is no one to feed me now! I don’t have facility to educate them! How will I save so many sons! God has kept the two groups of people like this. Is this right?

Our family was in great poverty. I was just craving to taste a chocolate with mouthful of Echil water while the village boys buy and eat them. When I ask my mother to get me a chocolate, alas! She will not be having money. How will I know this? I will cry vigorously by falling on the ground. My mother will get angry over the silliest things. She will get angry upon her inability and beat me with any nearest object she gets into the hand.

I ran from the city as I could bear the beatings of my mother. I carried the Onion Bag. I carried the Rice Bag. I opened a small shop, it has grown big. I got many wealth like a car, Bungalow, etc., Today if I think I can run a chocolate factory. But what to do? It is my fate that I can just see the people eating chocolates. I am a diabetic patient. I will get unconscious, even if I eat a piece of sweet. This is a mumble of a person.

What is the point of having thousands of money, wealth, etc.? None of my sons are good. The First son is a drunkard. The Second is a womanizer. Third, the one and only daughter has divorced three husbands and looking for a fourth person. My mind is rarely peaceful. Why did I born in the world? Like this, another person is murmuring. Likewise, he couldn’t understand whether the God, (who creates such incidents which has no resemblance to each other) is having a brain or not.

Not only that. He remembers few more matters and gets confused himself. There is no rain, no water to drink, all the crops are dried and craving for water. Even the birds also could not find a water source. There is not even a drop of water seen even if the ground is digged to any level. In another scene, a pond is broken; a river has crossed its limits and flowed into the village. The edges of the paddy field are also not seen due to overflow of water. All the crops are sinking into the water. The banyan tree has fallen down due to the powerful wind. Why is this difference significant? Why this partiality? Will any intelligent person spoil by offering the needy to high level and spoil by not offering the needy even to a small level?

The young boy has just now got a job. The aged father is peacefully breathing that his son will stand as a base for the family. His sister is dreaming to wear golden bangles, but now she is not in a position to wear bangles even in rubber. The younger brother is much happy in the thought of getting educated in computer science. But the brother who has gone to the hospital to get treated for a cough is declared by the doctor, that he is a cancer patient and will die within three months.

There is a mad woman who is just living as a dead body may not help herself and not helpful to others, who shout in negligible words upon the crow, the cart, the vehicles, the people, having no sense about hungry, self respect, etc., who is seen on the roadside. Why is the God, not killing such a person who is not of any use, but killing a person who is a base for the whole family? He gets confused and whispers upon the God’s foolish intelligence by seeing the above scene.

Hence, he came to a conclusion. Therefore, there is no God. If the existing God is retained, the country cannot bear that, the world cannot agree that. Human cannot live. Hence, he decided to become himself the God by sending the present God to his residing place. Is he not eligible to be the God? There are no subjects which he did not study. He knows about history, geography, science, linguistics, economics, psychology, medicine, meteorology, etc. What else is required to be eligible for a God? The present God does not know about the human. He cannot understand the feelings of the human mind. He will never feel the problems and troubles of the human. But, this man knows everything. Then it is wise for him to become a God.

When he was just thinking and planning like this, there was a voice from somewhere. An echo voice was heard. Yes. What you think is the right thing. The God has become old and so his mind is disturbed frequently. Hence, you are the God from today! You are God. By listening to this declared voice there is no doubt he has become the God. He saw himself twice feeling very much proudly. He thought himself proudly, I have become God. I am eligible to solve any kind of problem of the world. He sat in a chair putting one of his legs over the other. He sat in the middle of the street. He shouted at the people. Sir, tell me if you have any problem. Oh, man, come here, I will solve all your problems because I have become a God.

A man came and stood aside by tying the towel in the hip removed from his head. Sir, Oh the new God! My well is dried without water. All the crops are drying. The trees are falling down. The ground is in dry position. Please make the rain  come. Answering this man’s question, he offered a boon, saying that, you go home, rain will come. The sky has become very dark. Lightening and Thundering happened in the sky. The rain has come piercingly. It rained forcefully as if the stomach of the sky is torn. All the ponds and rivers have become full with water.

Another voice came to the ears of the God. Oh God, I kept a brick work factory by pledging all the jewels of my wife. All the bricks became into mud because of the heavy rain. What will I do? What is the standby way in my life? Oh God, are you not having eyes? Why is this rain now? That voice scolded the God like this.

An educated man wearing dignified suit came to the God and worshipped him. Oh God, I am a doctor. I am a professional medical practitioner. I have got medicines for all the diseases. I have constructed a big hospital, which is empty now. Even one patient also did not come for treatment. I am here considering you as the final source for me to help. Please help me. The God blessed him and said you go to hospital patients will come. The man returned back happily.

The child, which was happily playing till yesterday is affected with fever today. My father who was walking actively is now worrying with leg pain. The person eating all the food healthily is affected with stomach ache and crying now. Likewise, many voices filled the sky. The God is not having a brain. He is pitiless, eyeless. Few more voices were heard like this.

God blessed the man with a factory for which he wished. But, the God got in reply from the man that the God has corrupted the environment. The person who wished to be independent has got released. There is a complaint saying that the law is unfair. The revolutionists demanded for positions. The people who obtained positions have come for ruling. Dictatorship is happening. Independence has been seized. Likewise, many voices are whispering. Everyone applied for avoiding the natural disasters. The earth is full of human heads and the birds, animals, trees, plants, etc. have disappeared.

The person positioned as the new God was unable to think everything. He got confused and was yet to become mad. He rushed towards the old God. He urged, Oh God, save me. I don’t want this God’s position. You keep this with you itself. God laughed and told the philosophy that everyone cannot be satisfied at every time. If you think to do so, you will have to run like this. The person who had become the new God realized the real philosophy of the God.

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