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Can I get remarried?

   Sir, I have two children.  Both are twin babies.  My wife is expired about three years back due to cancer disease.  I have been struggling a lot with these two children.  My old aged mother is helping me.  My relatives and friends insist me to get remarried.

But I cannot even think about another woman in mind except my wife.  Although the lifetime spent with her is for less period, the care and love shown by her can never be forgotten for more than a thousand years of life.  I am leading my life with those memories.

I am not placed in a great job.  I can come home by seven o clock in the night if I go to my job in the morning.  Even though my mother is taking good care of my innocent children, she too is becoming old.  I don’t understand that how many more days my children have the boon of being taken care of their grandmother.  I am unable to understand about what to decide in this situation.

You have seen all the stages of the life.  You have been a guide and godfather to many people who have missed the path of their life.  I am at the important stage of my life being unable to take a firm decision.  I request your good selves humbly to show me a path.
     There is a very famous temple in the name of the Kamathya Ma Temple in the Assam state.  An important ritual in the temple of liberating to fly a pair of pigeons done by the newly married couple is a renowned practice of people.  This is performed on the basis of the faith emerged that if a pair of pigeons are liberated to fly, the newly wedded couple will live together like the pair of pigeons forever without getting apart from each other.  

Despite the fact that the pigeons are ordinary birds, they are always the sign of living together without any dispute.  If the male pigeon happens to die, the female pigeon will also die.  But out of the two pigeons, one pigeon bird will be alive to care the hatches or young pigeons in the case of dependency.

I have analyzed your horoscope more than once.  There is no place of the possibility of the second marriage.  The relationship will not be flexible even if you go in following another woman.  Even though you are leading a conjugal life, it is your fate to live an ascetic life.

The way of caring the children born to a mother and cared by a stepmother is mostly unconcerned like a horse emerged with a horn flying in the sky, in other words, a stepmother caring with true affection is seen very much rarely somewhere in a corner.  This is an exception.  There are many women who are cheated by this exception.  The effects of such kind of disappointment will be affect the children and not the fathers.

You need not worry that your mother is not having anyone else to take care of the child.  Because I can endorse you in writing that her lifetime is more than ten years from now.  You may ask about the future guardian after that time.  By the time the children will grow.  You will also grow in your career and would also be flexible to the child’s growth.  Hold the holy feet of the Lord Parandhama who is the liberator of all the people who feel unsupported by anyone.  The present life will appear as an amazing life.


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