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An ordinary Hen’s Egg Flying in the Sky - A Real News

        Few people are asking that is that possible to bring out a ring from a bare hand, take out a lingam (The lingam is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva used for worship in temples) from the mouth, etc. with magic enchantments?  It is necessary to clearly explain the answer for these people.

Actually the magic, enchantment is different, blindfolding tricks are different.  We have been confusing ourselves thinking that both are same.  Many famous saints have earned crores of money by just doing this confusing work.  The reason is that the people are not having sufficient knowledge about the magic tricks.

Once Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had gone to Tibet and met a Buddhist lama who brought a group of clouds above the head of Nehru and created a pleasant shower flow of aromatic Panneer upon Nehru with his magical powers.  There are many lamas present in the country of Tibet even today.   If all those lamas join together, can they not get back their country from the dominance of China? Yes. They can.  But they will not do like that.  Because all the people who are masters in the magical ethics will also be having the knowledge of karma anatomies also. They will not have the courage of crossing over the Gods order of the present happenings for such a period.

You might have seen many roadside magicians.  You would have wondered about seeing an ordinary hen’s egg flying in the sky.  A bird can fly.  How can an egg fly?  Yes.  It can fly.  The fetal of the egg shall be removed out by making a small hole in the top portion of an eggshell.

The empty egg shell shall be kept outside continuously for ten, twenty days during the frost time in the nights and close the hole of the egg shell with wax so that the dew drop fell inside the egg shell will not fall down.  Then by keeping the egg shell in the sun rays, the dew drop will get melted and becomes vapor and fly up and simultaneously the egg will also flies up.  The crowd around the magician will wonder upon his magical powers.  Few people will be in fear also.

Likewise there are many techniques without the connection of any magic.  A Few years ago, news was spread that holy ash is falling from the picture of a specific saint.  The fall of holy ash is not divine event.  If you wish, such holy ash can fall from your photograph also.

Bring some herbal Thimir Paashaanam (arrogant arsenic) from any herbal doctor known to you.  This is available in all the indigenous folk medical shops and is not sold to unknown people.

Just keep a drop of the Thimir Paashaanam, upon your photograph’s glass portion, brought by you from the herbal doctor.  After the next six hours, the holy ash will start falling from the photograph.  The nature of Thimir Paashaanam is to ingest the dust from the air and drop it out.  The dust spread in the air will fall down like the holy ash.

Moreover, few more tricks also can be done using this Thimir Paashaanam.  Soak the camphor in this for ten minutes, put in a bottle and keep aside.  Go to the place where yagna, homa are being done and keep this camphor on the wood sticks called as the samithu and blow with your mouth, by acting like you whisper some hymn, the camphor will immediately burn in fire.

Do you want to fold and break a fat crowbar?  You need not be a wrestler to do so.  Insert the crowbar which you intend to break before ten days in prior in front of a banana tree which is grown well and has produced bananas.  The juice of the banana tree will soften the rigidity of the iron crowbar.  Then it can be broken easily.

Likewise there are many tricks to insert a hand into the boiling oil, grow the crops like Bajra (rye), paddy etc. with any kind of cultivation.  There is no need of any hymns for doing this.  Smart mind is sufficient for this.  The people who have learnt such kind of smart techniques will only do the tricks, including showing the holy white ash appear in the bare hand, etc. Apart from this, those who have properly practiced the Kundalini Yoga can walk on the water.  Fly in the air and can also disappear from seeing with the eyes.  But these people will not show such magic works outside for just their survival.

Hence we have to feel and understand that the theurgist play tricks done by our ascetics or supernal with mystic powers, scholars and rishis will have spiritual motives and to do for any kind of profit.  Moreover, such kind of theurgist tricks will encourage and boost the mind power of the young people who practice the path of yoga seriously and will be like a tonic for their hard performances.

Moreover the final intention of a person practicing the yoga will be to reach the almighty and not to reach the supernatural powers.  If a yogi person starts showing the magical trick works, then it is clear that he has come down from his position.  It is surely a kind of business activity to make wonders and surprises in front of the normal people.

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