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Will the arrival of death be known in advance?

Can the judgment of the death of a human be assumed with the horoscope ?

  It is a general providence that a child will take birth within ten months.  But are all the babies take birth in exactly ten months? The time will be a bit lesser or higher.

A person known to me has noted a lucky timing considering that the birth of his grandchild will be extraordinary by consulting some astrologers. He told about the time factor and requested the doctors to make the birth of the child even by doing surgery. This activity against the law and the ethics was not refused by the doctors. One that day all the arrangements were done to make the birth of the child even by doing surgery.

But the anesthetist who is capable of giving the drug to get unconscious before the surgery was not present at that time. Even the other doctors called were not available. At last the child is born in the time desired by the God and not in the time fixed by the astrologers. Therefore how will the death take place in the time desired or expected by us while the birth time is concluded by the God? Even that is in the hands of the God.

But the facts of the Astrological scriptures about the life time of the human are not false. Because the horoscope of a human is calculated based on the results of former deeds of the past life. Many a times it becomes true that the human will live to such time based on the former deeds of the past life.  Sometimes this gets missed. This may be managed by telling a wrong reason that the calculation of the astrologer is wrong. But this is not the true fact.   While the deeds of the present life is stronger than the effect of the former deeds of the past life, the former deeds of the past life goes down and becomes weaker than the deeds of present life.

The death is considered as a tragedy.  But it may also be a boon according to the soul. The moral deeds done in the present life may give a way to immediately block and remove us from the fate of living in the present life for a longer life time with diseased health, affection and attachments, sufferings, etc. and get liberated from the life in the world. The premature death occurring the accidents may be considered in this list but cannot be accepted completed that it has happened based on the above aspect only. A teetotum is drop in the floor.  It shall round for two minutes according to the speed of the spin.  But the spinning activity will stop immediately if someone steps on with their foot. The durability of the life of a human is also like this.

Therefore all the Astrological predictions are just a calculation about the happenings of the planetary placements in the horoscope. All the calculations will not go wrong always.  If something goes wrong it is not the mistake of the calculation, but it the desire of the God. The opinion of the God can never be found out with any kind of calculation.  If this is found, then the human will become the God.

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June 16, 2015 at 11:28 AM

yes..maharaj....you hit the point exactly.....

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