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Who is the real religious extremists?

               First we have to understand one point that, the extremists are not generated, they are created.  One group of selfish people who have the eager to attain the power locate the innocent youth who are frustrated in all the walks of their life and prey them to their plans and proposals.  Those unblemished youngsters are betrayed by those terrorist leaders like “the goats believing the butchers”.

Any kind of criminal can be forgiven.  But those kind of scandalous people who encourage the terrorism and extremism shall never be forgiven even if they are located any corner of the world.  Such kind of devils acting against the God power have been emerging from the that day till now. They are not only the enemies of to the complete mankind.  But also are the enemies to the plant lives.

As told by you, I do not concur and accept that the religious extremism.  The reason is that the Religion is beyond the extremism or terrorism.  The people who execute the extremism in the name of the religion are the enemies to their own religion.  There are no epics or book which encourage or insist upon violence and war in any religion of the world.

It is like “a cat and a tiger speaking about the vegetarian food” while seeing the statements of the people telling that they have been fighting for the sake of the Religion.  Such kind of persons have poisoned the Socrates.  Nailed the Jesus upon the Cross.  Stroked the Prophet Muhammad with stones,  Such kind of people only have blasphemed the Lord Sri Krishna as a thief and as a scamp while he was an ocean of grace.

Therefore the terrorism is a malevolent action,  Such kind of scoundrels will ever be punished by the God without fail.

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