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Where to build the Toilet?

          Dear Guruji, My humble Namaskar to you.  I have bought a new home.  The septic tank is located in the southwest corner of the home.  My friend says that this should not be like that according to Vasthu Shastra.  The suggestion given by him is correct?  Shall this be modified?
           I think you do not know anything by your sense of questioning me about a very big mistake like a small event.  You have bought a home.  That’s a happy moment.  But if you ever think or analyze about why someone has sold this home to you, you will not be happy and you will think about the problem.

Just study the past life time of the seller of the home for a analysis and see how much he would have been lived in distress with debts and how many insults he would have faced by not being able to keep his word.  He would have suffered a lot with incurable disease, and women in his family would have been craved for peaceful life.  All the money would have been spent waste even if they have got money by taking loans and kept ready for the expenses.  He would have sold the house instead of becoming mad.

If you also want to enjoy or incur all the troubles and problems faced by him, you do not change the Sewage tank and keep it in the same position where it is now.  If you want to lead a peaceful life, then change the sewage tank from the southwest side to the northwest side.  There is no other way.  There will not be any result in this topic by doing any kind of remedial activities.

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