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The God can be perceived by going in this path

        All the religions of the world proclaim that the god is such a person and to get his grace this shall be done and that shall not be done, etc.

The Hindu religion alone shows us the real path of uniting together with the god by just discarding all the external processes.

The verdict of the Hindu religion is not about that the God is in the Sky or He is in the underworld, etc.  But it is that the God is within you.  Within me.  And He is present in every object which is seen.

Likewise to the way supposed to get amalgamated or united with the god after searching for him is that the Yoga Practice of the Kundalini.
This practice cannot be judged just for such a Caste or religion only.

This belongs to the whole human community without having any partiality in the sex as male, female, etc.

The meaning of the word Kundalini is to wake up the vital power sleeping inside.

The Yogic Shastras say that the Kundalini power is sleeping in the source point slightly above the genital part of the body.
The Kundalini practice method can be notified as the course of action to bring the Kundalini power sleeping in the middle part of the body by the accurate practice to the scalp part also called as Brahma Kapala of the upper part of the body.

The concept of Shakthi is the centerpiece of all the Yogic methods.  The ultimate Shakthi of the internal entity creates, protects and destroys this world.  Both the power of expressing the external world and the shakthi of producing an individual object are the same.

It is the same internally and externally.  That means the power or shakthi which operates the whole universe successively is present in the vital principle of the individual and in the human body.

The breathing system expressing the living nature of a substance is an explanation of the ability of the universal power.
There is a close relationship between the thought named Manomayam in Tamil of the subtle or ethereal body and the thought named Kadamayam of the body which belongs to the elements.

The Kundalini is said to be located in the lower most part of the hollow canal of the spinal of the body.

There are six vital causes, viz. the posteriors, medullary, cervical dorsal, lumbar sacral, coccygeal plexuses, etc. are said to be the source for the intelligence of a human being through which the Kundalini Sakthi (power) passes from the lower part of the hollow canal of the spinal to the upper part of the body.

The first five main aspects are called as the five element centers. The sixth aspect is the portion of mind based subtle part. This is called as Sahasra.
The Yoga practitioner gets either the boon of viewing the divine God in front of him or he gets the Moksha with the God while the Kundalini power touch as the Sahasra. 
These sources are called as Chakra. Because each and every Chakra has got its own exclusive explanatory iconic representations.

They are the Lotus flowers where each one of them will have specific number of petals.

The explanatory iconic representations starting from the source position gets identified by the shape of square, semi moon shape, big circle, etc.

The petals of these will be of four, six, ten, twelve, sixteen, two, etc. Every Chakra has got individual expressive counts like the individual shapes provided to them.
The meaning of this is that the power which is seen as the shape exists as the shapeless sound.

The magical sounds named Beejakshara has been included in the respective iconic expressions provided to each and every Chakra.

Five sounds, viz., lam, vam, ram, yam, hum indicate in every Chakra starting from the source point.

All these five indicate the five elements of nature viz., Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Sky.

The source mantra of the sixth Chakra is known as Om.

The sound vibrations in the Sanskrit Language have been shown in to fifty petals.
The Sahasra is a Lotus flower having one thousand petals. Fifty sound vibrations are shared equally for twenty times to all the one thousand petals.

The yoga nerves joint together in these petals. These nerves are the pathways for the nectar snake of Kundalini power.

There are many notes about thousands of such nerves in the Tantric scriptures. The three nerves considered very important out of these are, left nostril (which is connected with the lunar channel ida), right nostril (which is connected with the solar channel, pingala), the region of the coccyx entwine around the sushumna.

The sushumna is the best nostril than the ida and pingala.

The left nostril, or Ida, corresponds to the right frontal lobe of the brain, which is where we access creativity and flow.  This is a nostril having the aspects of moon or feminine character.
The right nostril, or Pingala, connects to the left frontal lobe, our analytical brain.  This is a nostril having the aspects of sun or masculine character.

The left is the Ida, the right Pingala, and that hollow canal which runs through the centre of the spinal cord is the Sushumna. Where the spinal cord ends in some of the lumbar vertebrae, a fine fiber issues downwards, and the canal runs up even within that fibre, only much finer.

The canal is closed at the lower end, which is situated near what is called the sacral plexus, which, according to modern physiology, is triangular in form. The different plexuses that have their centers in the spinal canal can very well stand for the different "lotuses" of the Yogi.

The nostril which is located externally out of all the internal nostrils.  The Tamas nature will be enhanced in this nostril.  The color of the fire blaze is shown as its sign.

The Vajni nostril which is very much bright and stands out with the Rajas nature is located inside this.
The Sattva nature is naturally situated in this nostril.  This is where the nectar producing Sidhini nostril is located.

Inside the Vajra Nadi is the pale Chitra Nadi, also known as Chitrini, which is of the nature of the moon and nectar dropping.  Inside the Chitrini Nadi is a void called the Brahma Nadi, which connects to the Brahma Randhra. 
The Yogic scriptures have Superior stated that the terminating point of chitrini Nadi is called Brahma Dvara, the door of Brahman, through which the Kundalini power ascends to her final adobe in the Soma Chakra within the Sahastra Chakra.

The process of producing sound in the right way can only be leaded directly from a guru.  When the disciple learns to produce the sound correctly, it quickly produces the desired effect of invoking the divine energy.  By doing the kumbhaka (holding of breath) in the Muladhara Chakra, which can be learned only from a guru, the body shakes and becomes light.  
This is the detailed procedure advised to have the direct darshan of the God.

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