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Results of Horoscope without Date, Month

     Few people may not be knowing their date, month and year of birth. They may not be knowing about the predictions of their life horoscope completely.  Generally a human will be having much desire upon the thing which he could not or did not get.  He will be worrying for the same.  Our ancestors who have foresighted such facts have predicted the horoscopy results based the day of the birth of a person.  Recently I got a shattered old book in my hand which describes the predictions of a person based on the day of the birth.  I am glad to share here the contents of the book with you.

Results of the people born on Sundays

     Those people born on Sundays will be physically beautiful, will not have any kind of frequent diseases, will have good health, will be of courageous hearted naturally by birth.  They will not talk anything without noise.  They will like to talk even a secret in loud voice.  They will have much skills to win over others.  They will be insisting upon their statement is only correct.  But they will not have any guile in their mind.  They will not have any intention to spoil others.  They may have ups and downs in their life frequently.  But they will help others and will be in distress.  The women born on this day will lead their family life peacefully and cleverly.  They will not be lazy in doing any work.  Their life will have a turning point with various incidents which may be good or bad during the period of their ages sum of which will turn to one such as 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 74, etc.

Results of the people born on Mondays

     Those people born on Mondays will always be having a confused mind all along their life.  They will get involved in everything with very much fear.  They will talk softly and will be doubtful in every deed fearing that they may face any problem.  They will like to have friendship but they will be doubtful upon their friends.  They will express their temptations of mind irrespective of the place and situation.  They will be very much merciful in mind.  They will have superstitions as they get involved in worshipping the god with fear.  They will not leave the relationships in grief at any time of their life.  They will surely have growth in their life.  The women born on this day will live a great life.  Their beauty will not change even after their old age.  They will have diseases such as head ache, cold, etc. affected upon them frequently.  They will have good dressing sense and much interest in costumes.  Their life will have a important incidents during the period of their ages sum of which will turn to one such as 11 ,20 ,29,38,47,56,65 ,74, etc.

Results of the people born on Tuesdays

     Those people born on Tuesdays will have their body, mind and nature will be very hot.  They may be looking calm externally but will be of very much anger internally.  They cannot keep quit.  They will be keep doing some work.  They cannot tolerate themselves to be under anyone.  They will not like to make fun of others and others to amuse of them for any reason.  They will do promises and will be desperate being unable to keep up their promises.  They will spend like a king.  They will follow a distinctive way of telling lies. They will not show other about anything even if they are in very poor condition.  The women born on this day will have male children.  They will suffer a lot to be under control to their husband.  They will lead a good life after 45 years of age.  The important ages of their life are 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72.

Results of the people born on Wednesdays

     Those people born on Wednesdays will have charming body and sharp mind.  They will tell that the effort is greater than the God.  The independent in nature and alacrity in behavior is their character with birth.  They will not worry or get down for any kind of distress in life.  They may not dislike the old culture but will come forward to support the latest culture.  They are the best guide to others.  They will have much interest in doing business.  They will very easily understand even some complicated matters.  They will have much curiosity in chatting and giving lectures in stages.  They will fall in into love very easily.  As they are unable to hide the truth their family life will have miseries. The important ages of their life are 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 68, 77.

Results of the people born on Thursdays

     Those people born on Thursdays will be highly disciplined and bound to law and justice.  They are experts in setting and leading the family.  They will get married in young age.  They will have male children rather than female children.  They will have expert skills to face the struggles of their life.  As they will not like to fail their promises, they will suffer a lot in many embarrassing situations.  If they have any intention to take revenge, they will use their intellect and win the enemies and will never advance to any violent activities.  The women born on this day will be very much lucky.  They will have devotion upon the God and will have all good characters of their dynasty.  They will treat all the family members with great affection and support.  They will show much interest in caring the children.  The important ages of their life are 12, 21, 30, 48, 57, 66, 75.

Results of the people born on Fridays

     Those people born on Fridays will be having kind heart to help liberally to others.  They will behave like great persons.  They will respect and will do all kinds help to all those people who abide by their opinions.  They will not excuse those people who dislike or abate them in any way and will crave to revenge them.  They will easily become addicted to bad habits.  They will tell that it is not wrong to do crimes to lead a rich life.  Although they look black in tone, they will be attractive in appearance. They will have much interest in decorating themselves and their surroundings.  The women born on this day will make their husband happy and attract him towards them.  They will show interest in increasing the assets of their husband.  They will have good interest in education and art.  They will be highly skillful in fighting although they look attractive externally.  The important ages of their life are 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 78.

Results of the people born on Saturdays

     Those people born on Saturdays will always like to be loyal and trustworthy.  They will perform actively in all their deeds.  They will be awaiting for the time of the opportunities to come.  They will not have any kind of desire permanently upon anything.  They will be giving the impression of being lost of something, although they have an excellent life style.  They will amend themselves as good people while they join with good people and behave like bad people while they get together with bad people.  Despite the fact that they are dull minded and due to which their education is discontinued, they will be much intelligent.  Getting formal marriage is difficult thing for them.  The women born on this day will be having slim body and will not be looking fat.  They will be facing frequent sufferings in their family life.  Their husband and children will experience much difficulties.  They will have much devotion upon the God.  The important ages of their life are 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71.

All the results or predictions detailed above are based on the general facts and are not assured as accurate.  Few details may match to a character and few may not.  But they are containing the realistic information.  There are more details about the practical methods in the Astrological science for the people who do not know the accurate birth timings.  I will keep them updated to you in due course.

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