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Secret Mantra for Us !

       Inspite of surplus wealth, our human mind is still in constant urge for more and more materialistic desire. Such discontented people are seen everywhere in this world. But still we witness a set of population that lacks the basic amenities of life.

They don’t carve for a bungalow or car; they need food to feed their hunger, dress to cover their body and a place to shelter for rain and shine. Many people don’t have a basic platform yet some have 9 homes. Is this a social stigma? God’s  play?

One breadwinner in the family to meet out the hunger of seven others. How to live? Like a poor you can neither live in the streets, nor can sleep like a richman in the airconditioned room. In between these two extremities there are uncountable people whos life keep swinging.

Hungry man needs money for food. Middle class needs money for a comfortable living. Even rich needs money for a more luxurious living. Nobody says “NO” to money. Even sathus who have renounced the worldly pleasures need money to worship GOD.

There is a popular notion that whatever is destined for you will only reach you, even if you try harder and harder for more. But desire inhibits knowledge. It constantly whips the body to accumulate wealth by some means or the other. Man runs behind money-becomes workaholic, sleepless but still he couldn’t procure wealth.

To overcome this problem shall we change our name according to numerology? Can we wear precious stones? Performing yagna and pooja will change the situation? Sometimes these things make a brilliant change but many time it is the waste of money and time This brings distrust on astrology and  clouds of confusion prevails..

Changing names, wearing gems and performing poojas are the good advice given by our ancestors. There is no doubt that they are powerful too. But these act outside us to give us good things. Their vibration should reach us at correct angle otherwise they are useless.

So  to achieve our goal, we should not only believe the external forces but also analyze other factors because sastras says that solution to every problem lies within us .We must identify those energy, activate them to see them work wonders.
Human body is a treasure house. Priceless treasures are hidden in it. Some are seen, known by scientific reasoning .Many cannot be felt by the senses, neither can be viewed nor reasoned. But very true to itself. This unseen energy is present in unique parts of the human body. That is why we have heard a popular saying: “That present in the universe is present within our own self”

Space encompasses the sounds of mantras. The energy to obsorb these sounds are inside us. In order to activate we need to pronounce these sounds at an appropriate rhythm. These sounds will sync our energy with the universal energy. Now the power of God will reach us and all that we wish for will happen.

What are these silent Rhythms? How to procure them? What is its name? It is none other than the MANTRAS. We perform poojas, archanas, yagnas and even unbelievable miracles happen by chanting mantras. Do mantras fetch us money? Do we have such mantras? Yes we do have mantras that bring money and that is

“Amrita Tara Mantra”

 Some may find it as a joke,for some it will be strange, some deem it as a cheating trick.But please take it from me this is very true…Whatever is your circumstances, even ur life is drenching it will lift you to great heights. People who are cheated by their trust on this mantra is less than those who are cheated by their distrust.I have a strong reason to say this. First of all, what is a Mantra? How does it influence us? If you understand the logic you will become clear of its advantages.

Natural energy is angels. Mantras are a form of angels.To be more precise mantras are angels. God and angels are two forms.One is light other is sound.Both are same in one way.Light comes like sound. Mantras are audible angels.A particular angel gives a particular wish through a particular mantra.

Mantras are accumulation of sounds.There is no world without sound.No life…everything seen is from sound. Even Christianity believes in this.In the first chapter of Vivilliam it is clearly stated that in the beginning  word exist and that word is Jesus.Before Vivilliam Hindhuism  denoted it as the origin of Sound.It also said that  God is in the form of Vedic Mantra

Though sound is one,as drops of water make a  big ocean,many small sounds are present that are uncountable.For the born and the unborn these sounds are unique.Nothing like a own house though rented homes are plenty.Similarly though we have 1000 mantras we must choose the one that suits us to fulfill our desires.

We have wide choices in choosing a dress,car, water we use because they are seen and known. But mantras are invisible .Simple mantras cannot be easily identified, then how do we select the unique mantra for us?

As human population is plenty so are our charcters and thoughts.Peculiar habits,strange environment and countless vibration of the inner conscience but every man on this planet comes under 3 categories.Vedhas are now scientifically proved.Stong SATHVAM, Evergoing RAJASAM,Stagnant THAMASAM-are the 3 classes. This category encompasses all Mangolian African, Asian and Europoean.

ATHVAM, RAJASAM, THAMASAM do not act individually or together.They are interlinked at varying proportions and many characters evolve based on these combinations.Though they are varied, the roots are these three triangles.

As the human characters are classified in to three,so as the mantras that fulfill our family needs in this world is classified in to 3 by our ancestors.As are senses are connected Mantras has lakhs of mixtures.Those who have learnt the formula of the mixture owns the mantra.Here, to learn the Mantras one need  the help of Guru.

The guru knows the secret of Mantra.He knows the energy level and reactions of all mantras by his rich experience.Some Philosophers,Saints and Gurus have formulated mantras.Like a story and like a epic they are believed to make mantras which is untrue.mantra is not a chair to make and not a well that is made by concerted efforts. Mantra generate by itself in the space.The vibration of these are mantras are not heard but seen by the Rishis and saints.That is why they are called as “MANTRA THRISTA”.They saw mantras eye to eye and wrote only a few. Generation after generation Gurus were available and so unwritten mantras are more.

Gurus who take Guru advice heredity after heretidy, are familiar with the identification of a particular mantra for a particular person.How did they get this power? Every man has got three types of physique.One type is made of food.Second is by senses and third by the light made by vibration.I know this will confuse you, especially with the third type.

Every man has got a unique light around him.That light has colours of red, green, blue and many more.Those colours depict the thoughts and the soul of the person.

For example, a purple colour represents the hard work, white and yellow represents his enthusiastic nature. This light can be visualized by Yogis, Rishis and some persons with holy power.

By my life experience, from my immature days to this time whenever I see a person, I can see the vibrations of his thoughts in different colours.Now with practice I know that these colours are around the man. These Colours are called “AURA”.When you look deep in to this AURA you will easily know whether the person has ATHVAM, RAJASAM or THAMASAM character.This power and familiarity with Mantra Sastra will enable one to identify the unique mantras for us.

Everything said in the 4 vedas are nothing but Mantras.Instead of searching the meaning of the words, it is wise to search the hidden power of the sounds.Apart fron vedic mantras, Rishis have identified many mantras by their holy power.Based on that Mantra sastras were formulated in to three types namely Vedha mantra,Parayana mantra and Pija mantra.

Vedha mantra has few lines in it.Examples are Gayathri mantra,Maha mantras etc.,Parayana mantra have big sentences  as we see in Vishnu sahasranamam,Ruthram and Srisuktham.Pija mantras have only a few letters but immense power.Without these sound there is no world.These sounds has the power to provide us boon. The Pija mantras for an individual has to come rightly from the advice of Guru and when we pronounce the mantras ,their vibration penetrate deep into our body to rejenuvate our power points.Such activated power points mix with the vibrations of Pija mantras and will obsorb the universal energy to make our desire get fulfilled.

This human birth is to know His powers, to cherish his blessing and to attain Mukthi.Money, power and richness are nothing before Mukthi.Gnani should help the ordinary lay man to attain mukthi instead of carving for wealth. Many ask whether it is dharma to use these powers to accumulate wealth and comforts. The early man was busy in hunting for food and later when agriculture was known to quench his hunger, he started to think deeply.Only after his family needs are satisfied he thinks about the spiritual needs.

Mahakavi Bharathiyar said that if a man is behind salt, sugar and mere money even a theist will become a atheist.In order to see God Mantras are formed, to attain wealth Mantras are framed.Today man has lot of needs,inevitable duties.So he is in an endless search for money. Only when he overcomes this big dig, he can feel the big ocean of God.This duty is bound to us.Swami vivekanda said “Don’t preach Veda to the hungry man.Provide Food.With whatever Mantra sastras I know I help people to overcome their life’s difficulties.

I can quote many experience but this space cannot hold.I have a pentacoast friend who propagates that Mantras and Thantras are superstitious practices in Hindu religion.He has a strong faith in Jesus and that strong was also his poverty.I gave him a mantra and asked him to pronounce it to getrid of his poverty.I adviced him that mantras are not religion based but got a scientific reason. In respect to my words, he half- heartly chanted the mantras.As days went his poverty disappeared and now he owns a house in Palayamkottai and is happy with his wife and children.

 The purpose of quoting this example is that Mantras even chanted without belief has its power.Similarly, Mantras are not confined to Hindu religion and followers of Hinduism but it is like air, water,sky common to all.Mantras are like waterbody ready to quench the thirst of everybody.We are hesitant to walk to that water source.We must try to keep away from hesitation and get ready to get drenched .

Kindly don’t mistake that the mantra I teach will only fetch you money. The burdens and sorrow of your life will disappear and you will hear the beautiful rhythm of the life. Do you suffer from dreadful disease? The medicine is this Mantra.Yet not married? Mantra is the solution. Problem in husband-wife relationship? Childless?T he only answer is this Mantra.To be precise this Mantra will clear all the obstacles and make your life peaceful

Clear water to quench your thirst is nearing you; chill breeze is at your doorstep. The beautiful aroma of Jasmine and the sandal fragrance is floating, why keep your doors closed and keep yourself at bay. To guarantee your freedom and to provide a suitable platform for all your comforts, the ultimate solution given by the yogis is the MANTRAS. I am ready to feast you with these mantras and I stretch my arms to cordially invite you. Come, Lets overcome the obstacles.

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