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A Marriage be done by seeing the Horoscope?

The term of the planet (Dasa period) and the dasa bukthi shall not be the same during the period of the marriage for both the couple.

The process of star matching shall be done only after deeply examining these points.

It is okay if one or two defects are there in this stage.  But the match of Rasi(Star) alias the match of Mangalyam shall strictly be there in the process of matching both the horoscopes.

The next stage of arrangements for the marriage shall be done only after this process.

Few people are telling that the marriage can be done without seeing any of the horoscope matching processes for the men and women born in the Mrgasiras, Magha, Swati, Anuradha, etc.

This is completely a wrong procedure.  For all these stars also all the points as above detailed by me must be observed and then only the marriage arrangements be implemented.

There is no doubt that if all marriages are done like this then the life will turn good with all prosperity and flourished happiness with the grace of the God.

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