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Remedy to solve the controversies in office

     My kinds regards to Guruji. I am working in a private sector. Although I’m concentrating on my work alone, I am getting problems without any reasons. I cannot be friendly with my colleagues. Even though I’m adjusting along with them, I’m unable to avoid misunderstanding between the people. I want to relieve from this problem. Please guide me to get relief from this problem.
 With Regards,
                                                                                            Siva Narayanamurthy
      Once I had a thought. If we have some controversial attitude alone, we will be getting into some problems and if we behave in the right way, others will also be the same. After having some experience, I came to know that mutual love or mercy is essential between persons. So that it won’t create hatred between people. I have found that we’ll get respect for our love for others.

Some people will hate us whatever we did. Whether it is good or bad, they will always find a fault at us. If they are not finding any faults, they will create something and they will target us. Therefore, those people must be enemies for us in the last birth. Otherwise, why should those people hate us?

We don’t have to worry about those situations. I’ll tell you what I have experienced. If you have a Ranganathar temple near your residence, light five ghee dheepam there and worship Ranganathar. Thulasi leaves which was given as prasadham must be kept on your office table. Chant Gayathri mantras to Ranganathar everyday. You will get good results.

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