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To Write your horoscope

Hello !!!
Greetings to you all.
            Many devotees are contacting our Guruji several times in the desire of getting their horoscopes freshly written and modifying their existing ones.  According to the continuous requests and demands of the devotees, our Guruji has consented to visualize and write the horoscopes based on the holy mathematical formulas, the arithmetic methods of the great sages like Agastya, Varahamihara, Pulippani Sidhar, etc.  Hence you can contact us if you wish to write down the horoscope of yours, or your children.

We hereby inform you that the payment or the donation provided by you for writing the horoscope will completely be spent for the divine educational expenses of the S.G.M. Free School run by Sri Guru Mission.  You can consider this as a golden opportunity blessed by the god exclusively for you to get your horoscope written in a professional method and also to participate in doing a good deed in your life.

Required Details :
Mother - Father Name
Place of Birth
Date, Month, Year.
The Exact Time of Birth

Fees details: -
Write a Horoscope for Rs 1000 / -

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