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The mind is seeking woman and money…

         Many of us may get a doubt about us facing difficulty in focusing the mind while doing meditation and pooja?

The evening sun from the west direction, is bathing the surface of the ​​sandy coast with the yellow light.  A beautiful woman similar to a puppet precisely made of sandal wood is coming gently with flying black hair and dressed in colorful costume.  The dark hair bands get split in the air and create in your mind a variety of line drawing portraits on her mango alike cheeks.  You are staring at her without even closing the eyes as if you swallow the charming beauty of that woman.  The taste of the pleasant agony of woman’s vision makes you even to forget the friend sitting beside you.  You even forget your age, eligibility, etc.  You couldn’t even feel the irritation, if the filth of the beach soil falls in your eyes by the power of the air.

We get lakhs of rupees in the business.  We count each and every currency note of the money we got, to deposit in the bank.  Wife is coming near.  We did not observe her approaching towards us.  Father is calling.  We couldn’t hear his call.  Kid is asking for a chocolate and crying for the same.  Our mind didn’t even focus this issue.  We could not think about anything else except counting the currency completely.

The mind is disturbed into four ways thinking about swimming in the pond, the visit of a financier, etc. while we sit for doing meditation, but we are able to watch the beauty of a woman, carefully focus to count the money, etc. without having any kind of disturbances.  What is known from this? Our mind is focused on which we have much interest.  It declines to focus on the other subjects. Causes obscenities.  We speak a lot about meditation.  But our mind doesn’t believes this as essential.  Hence this indolence happens.  This lethargy is the biggest obstacle for our progress.
We are unable to allocate at least ten minutes in the twenty four hours time.

Therefore we do not need mental integrity to do meditation but we need the curiosity to learn this.  So, first you improve your curiosity or interest to learn the meditation, your mind will paying attention and get going.

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