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The mantra provided strength to the sea

            In order to make the mind clear the inconspicuous sense of the mind unable to have the courage to understand anything will stay tired.  The elders use to advise together to chant the name of Sri Rama to eliminate the tiredness of mind.  What is the power hidden in the name of Sri Rama?

Sri Rama is just a word.  There are thousands of such popular words in various world languages.  What is the divinity in this Sri Rama word which is not present in them.  How can a human get powered just by chanting a word?  Is it possible? Our thought may rise a question like this.

Ordinarily spelled words have turned the way of the history.  A word of ‘Get Out’ spelled by the King Dhananadan upon Chanakya has destroyed the great Nanda empire and created the Maurya empire.  Why to go to the historical time? There are many words spelled towards us which has changed the path of our life.

I was very much upset due to the words ‘You are unfit for anything.’ told by my brother.  I decided to get settled in life irrespective of thousands of problems and obstacles.  I worked hard and today I am happily settled in life and I am also able to take good care of my brother who had teased me.  We know thousands of people saying like this.

I have born in rich family.  I am living like fire thinking that others shall never hurt me by making fun of me.  Someone has spoken disgusting words about me.  I thought it is no use of being alive and it is better to die after listening to his words.  We have also heard hundreds of people telling like this.

An appreciation from a teacher will initiate even a fool to study well.  The consoling words of a wife will make a cranked drinker also to reform himself.  The talk of a person accidentally passing by has stopped many people who intended to suicide themselves.  Hence a talk is not just a combination of words.  A word is not just a combination of alphabets but it has sense it.  It has soul in it.  Even god is also present in it.  Therefore the words can create anything and also destruct anything.

The Rama word is an exceptional divine and wonderful word than thousands of neat words in the world.  The reason is that the two letter word Ra ma contains many hundreds of the pranava mantra of Aum.  Therefore the Rama word is considered as the most excellent word in all the words spoken in the universe.  Hence the Rama mantra is regarded as the exceptional mantra of all the mantras.  I am not telling like this because I have much fondness upon the Lord Rama and the Great epic Ramayana.  I have experienced the chanting of the Rama mantra more than thousand times and I feel that this is the precious word to chant in the lifetime.

A scene will come in the Ramayana written by the sage Thulasidas.  The demon Ravana carries the mother Seetha to Sri Lanka.  Based on the report about the place of prison where Seetha was secured which was detected and informed by Hanuman, the Emperor Rama departures to Sri Lanka along with the monkey troops.  The sea is lying with its large body blocking the way to Rameswaram to Sri Lanka.  The ocean of mercy Sri Rama requests the sea to give way for them to go to Sri Lanka.  But the sea is its normal motion as if a deaf man cannot listen to the sound of a conch without responding to Sri Rama’s demand.  Sri Rama asked once and he asked again and again.  The Sea did not react in any way to the multiple requests of Lord Sri Rama.

The Lord Rama got angry upon the sea, which he did not show while Kaikeyi told him to go to the forest.  He shouted in angry “You the king of seas, Come out”.  Is there anything which will not fear to the god who has created the world?  The king of seas came instantly and stood in front of Rama with folded hands and said obediently, “Sir, Please order me.  I will do it immediately”.  Then Lord Rama ordered him, “I am going to rescue my wife Vaidehi with my forces of army.  You separate the sea water and leave us the way to go to Sri Lanka.”

The King of the Seas urged in a obedient voice to the Lord Sri Rama, “I am just a servant of yours to obey your orders and do the work as per your order.  But your present order is not just an ordinary one. It’s name is fate.  Who am I to act beyond the fate?  The human beings can cross me but they cannot control me in any way.  Even though you are the god,  you have taken an ordinary birth like a normal human being.  I cannot leave way to you now.  How can I fail to follow your order while you yourself cannot override your order.”

Sri Rama was pleased with his approach and way of talking and asked him, “You are denying strongly to my order for the fate’s sake in spite of knowing that I am the god.  Your toughness is appreciable.  How can you be so much willful?  Where from you got such a kind of principled behavior?”

The king of the seas fell into Sri Rama’s feet and told him. “Lord Rama, Once upon a time your brother Bharatha came to meet and make you crowned and take you return to the city life while you were in the forest life.  He came crying and mumbling your name Rama, Rama all the way until he reached you.  While each and every drop of his tears fell on the stones, a tree raised there, fell on the soil, a crop ascended there.  While the tear drops fell on the river, the river carried the power of the Rama’s mantra and got mixed with the sea of mine.  On that day I god the supreme power of an ocean while I was just a water reservoir which get evaporated in the heat of the Sun.  That power was offered by the ultimate mantra of your name Sri Rama.”

Just think about how much strength our tongue, body and the mind will get by chanting the word Rama, while the sea water has got so much of power just by the drops of the ordinary tears of the eyes dropped while thinking of the word Rama.  Just spell the word Rama, while facing any serious problem which makes you stranglehold, while your eyes are concealed by the black darkness, when your feel that your body is restrained and tied down due to the chronic diseases.  You can visibly see the demolition of the darkness with your disabled eyes itself if you chant this word Rama from your senses and from your deep mind, the Athma.

PS  Rameswaram:- It is a town and a second grade municipality in the Ramanathapuram district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Seetha, Hanuman :- Hindu God Names

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