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The cows make us speak

                 Once I had written about the nature of the goat, the symbol of horoscope sign of Aries. After reading this, one of the readers had commented that it will be good if I write the natures & factors and pros & cons of all the horoscope signs. Few other friends who spoke over telephone have also conveyed the same to me. I also felt that it is right. Hence I decided to provide the details of each and every horoscope signs simply and crisply.     

According to the astrological factors, Aries is the first horoscope sign. The second sign is the Taurus rasi (Zodiac). Everyone of us know very well that Taurus Means bull. The bull is the symbol of hard work. The bull is used to plough the paddy field, to pull the cart, to take water from the well, to pull the camion, etc. To tell shortly, the bull is as important as the requirement of a paddy field.   

Once upon a time a person came to Mahatma Gandhi and explained him about the paddy ploughing machine. He told him that the machine will do the work equal to about twenty people in very lesser time than the human effort deeply and widely. This is a great boon to the farmer who buys this machine and uses in his paddy field. Mahatma Gandhi listened to that man patiently and at last he asked one question. Your machine is a friend to the farmer. It will do all the work of a man easily in high speed. That’s a very happy news. But will it produce the cow dung? The great Mahatma Gandhi  has explained the concept of the Gandhian economy by asking just a question.

A cow may not be helpful for the implementation of the gandhian economy but it will definitely helpful to develop the paddy field. The usage of the cow dung was the important factor for the healthy and nutritious spices grown in those days. The human being in India was very much healthy without feeling any disease until the crops were grown in the paddy field using the cow dung. Many star hospitals have emerged in our country only after the change of this formula.  

The animals like the cow, the bull, etc. are not considered as animals by the farmer but they are respected as the wealth providing aspects. In the ancient days, the financial strength of a person was judged by the number of cows he had in his farm. Hence the word cow is meant with a meaning of wealth.   

The second place in one’s horoscope is called as the place of wealth. This means that one’s financial status is decided based on the second place of his horoscope. Hence the second place which indicates the wealth, the financial strength, is symbolized in the shape of a bull.
Moreover the second place of the horoscope is known as the elocution place. There is a close resemblance between the first word spelled by the human and the cow. A born baby will cry with the word “mmaa” before it starts the speech. This “mmaa” word joined with the first letter a has become the word Ammaa. The bulls always spell the word “mmaa” very clearly without having difference in pronunciation. Since the bull is the symbol of spelling the first word mmaa this is called as the second sign in the list of horoscope.

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