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Jesus Himself, is not a Christian !!!

   Many Christian pastors saying that ‘Forgiving sinner’s is the biggest mercy, and only Christians possess that mercy’. The pastors are saying that forgiveness of sins is the complete surrender and those who believe in forgiveness of mercy are also not taking it in that sense. They are thinking that everything will be alright when chanting the prayers after biting the ears of opponents. Therefore, every sin is happening again and again.

In truth, Hindu religion insists that no one can escape from the punishment for the sin. It has a reason too. Every religion in the world is speaking about sins and virtues or benefaction. Every religion insists not to do sins

Atheists who say “one who worship god is a fool and one who teaches Him is a primitive” are also not insisting to do the sins. So, Masses in the world hate sins. But those who hate the sins are creating new sins day by day.

After knowing it is wrong, how can the sins keep on increasing?

Mankind is just running behind the pleasure and expecting it in every deed. He won’t do things which don’t give pleasure. While searching the life without sorrows, he is not thinking about the do’s and don’ts and just passing everything without consideration. I have heard a sentence often in the childhood. It was ‘A sacred cat went to heaven with a fish in hand’. Nowadays human beings are behaving like the cat. It is like speaking sacred things and thinking of sins.

If I am doing a sin, I have to get punished for that sooner or later. Chain smoker can’t ask for forgiveness and get cured of Lung cancer. At the same time it is a foolishness and stupidity when someone says ‘come, I’ll forgive your mistakes’. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We can get tender coconuts after cultivating bitter guard from the soil.

I have to drink water for my thirstiness. Same way, I have to bear the punishment to my wrong deeds. No one can stop the punishment. God is not giving punishment, but a chance to realize and correct ourselves. A good mother is the one who makes her dirty child clean and make bath, not the one who puts perfume on dirt.

God is mightier than mother. God paved many ways to clean up our soul for spiritual development. No one has the right to stop the journey as the way has some difficulties. But it is not realized by Christian pastors. They are preaching that they have the right to forgive others sins. They also admit people won’t be having the relief from worldly difficulties until and unless they convert to Christianity. It is a big blunder.

If at all their sayings are right, even Jesus himself is not a Christian. Christianity was established about many hundreds of years after the birth of Jesus Christ. As he is not a Christian, Jesus himself can’t able to get relieved for his sins. If they are accepting this opinion, they can continue the ceremony of forgiveness of sins. We don’t have the problem.

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