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Here's a way to overcome the lust ...!

        Many elders have been telling for the ages that Refrain the lustful feeling, only then will you will be able to get the glimpse of the God.  Many saints also advise the same thing only. We see ourselves that the Holistic thoughts are forbidden to enter inside our mind as we experience the sexual passion in our daily life.

The mind is upset without peace.  It is throbbing like a fish fell upon the floor and suffering.  I am worshipping the god to change this state of mind.  The thought about the God just for a minute also gives the peaceful thought in our mind.  The engulfing situation of the blissful rapturous feeling of the heart by the air which comes and rubs the person who pants to breathe without air cannot be described in simple words.  But this resists just for a minute and the next minute the mind falls into the lustful feeling.  The whole thought of the mind smells like the sewage water as if the person after a fresh bath falls into the odorous pit.  As usual the old clouds will get rounded of the home of the heart, it thunders, lightening, etc. and make him very much fearful.  Therefore the human has got no salivation until he escapes from the lust.  In our day to day life, we use to listen to many people telling like this.

Many people ask that Why is the human being wants the same thing again and again even though he knows the dangerous nature of the Lust feeling? Why he falls upon the same feeling in spite of many people’s objection? Many other people say that the lustful feeling is a natural sensation like a human going to shit, going to urine, etc.  It is just a natural feeling like a human crying while losing a son.  It is a nonsense to perceive that the lust feeling is an obstacle to the holy life.

There is no doubt that this the exact opinion.  No one can tell that the feelings and the sense given by the god to the human being is wrong or unwanted.  At the same time while the problems take place become too much the human starts suffering.  The act of going to shit also shall be into a limit.  If this happens beyond the limit then it becomes a disease.  The feeling of lust also is like this.  While it crosses the limit the human becomes upside down.  There is a saying that if the head of the camel is let in to the roof it will eat out all the roof portion covered onto the hut home.  Likewise the feeling of lust falls into the mind of the human like a piece of fired coal and burns the whole body of the human.  The good principled nature and disciplined personality will also be burnt in this fire.  But still our intellect mind continuously asking that why our mind wants to just relax in the fire alike the lust feeling.

Generally we as a human will be flying in the dream chariot thinking about the incidents taken place in past or about the anticipated incidents to be occurred in the future. Our mind will not see the present incidents with feeling that is the happenings in this second.  Therefore we are experiencing troubled life.  But our mind forgets the incidents occurred in the past while we fall into the lustful sensation in our mind and involve ourselves into physical relationships and leaves back the thoughts about the future.  It lives in the present only.  The doors of the delightful fountains of joy hidden into our mind will open only while our mind stands still into the thoughts about the present time.
The fountains of joy within us will open and the stream of the glow will make us bath for few seconds only.  This takes places within a second like a water bubble.  The reason is that our intellect and the mind starts travelling into the other times leaving the present happenings.  Therefore we think that the lust is the only feeling which can offer us the limitless happiness and hence we fall behind that feeling again and again like a moth insect.  Apart from the lust feeling, if we get into anything deeply with complete involvement, the output will be offering the utmost happiness to us.  This fact is not known to many people.  Hence all the time they fall into the lust mud.

we cannot get the pleasure getting from the lust feeling cannot be found in external things or by doing the physical inter course.  Many people will break the cuffs alike lust feeling if they realize that this is the happiness hidden within themselves.  Many people are trying to control this lust feeling without known the secret about this.

It is an undeniable and unhidden fact that there is no one who can be considered as a winner in their attempts in controlling the lust feeling.  The general sense of the human’s mind is to flow with temper from sneaked edges with several times of speed of the feeling which is being attempted to control. Hence if we try to lust felling it will create danger.

How to get relieved from the lust feeling if it cannot be controlled? The great Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar and the Patanjali Maharishi also tell that this can be done only if we have the senses in to our control. Few people may get shocked about how to waste the human life without controlling the senses and without getting the darshan of the god.

They have to accept a truth definitely. Is all your activities done till now related to meditation and pooja are not harassed by the lust feeling during their implementation? Can you strongly answer yes to this question give your answer strongly without hostile to your conscience? I think you cannot. The reason is that it is a true fact that many people experience destruction while doing the pooja and meditation due to the lust feeling.

Therefore leave the thought of controlling the lust feeling. Sit in a lonely place. Watch yourself about the  way of the thought of your mind thinking about the uncontrolled lust feeling leaving it in its own way without having any mind control while you sit alone. There is a limit for anything. There is an end for anything. At a certain stage the worst feeling of the lust raised in our mind will stop without any activity.
That means the stream of our thought will stop without any movement unable to go further to the next stage. That time you catch your mind. If you do so, it will come behind you and obey you as you wish to do. You can use such an obedient mind as a floor carpet and do meditation by sitting upon that. Do practice this. You may have some difficulty and feel for that. But everything will become easy and you will be peaceful in due course.
We are able to listen to some people mumbling that how can we sit to do meditation while we are harassed by the lust feeling while doing meditation. Your mind thinks about the lust and sex feeling? Don’t feel about that. Leave the worry about you are born as a most horrible human being. Remember that even the scholars and saints have also felt the same feeling in their beginning days. We will get all the fruits in to our hand in due course of the time. Therefore keep doing meditation without bothering about the thoughts of lust by leaving it in its own way. The cart of lust will get tired due to its abnormal and limitless travel, one fine day it will lose the axis of its wheel and will never attempt to come in to your mind.
That means do not try to control your lust feeling. No human can acquire victory in doing this. I am telling you ‘The best way to easily win over the hateful feeling of lust is to try to pass the time along with the lust feeling instead of controlling it’. If you want to feel the same sense of touching a child while you touch a young woman, this will happen only if you try to pass on the time along with the lust feeling. Any person having the strong mind to get out from the thoughts of the lust feeling can definitely do this. The best and only way to cross the lust feeling is to be careless with it.

This means that you have to practice in keeping your mind in the present time. Do not have the thoughts about the office while taking bath, do not have the thoughts about the provision store while doing pooja. Always practice to think about the present work done by you at this time. If you do like this the lust feeling will go away gradually from your mind like the tamarind fruit gets separated from its cover.

It is said that the child and the god can be seen at the place of celebration. Likewise the lust feeling will also fall and run behind the person who is fearful about the lust feeling. You make it run and stand in a side. If you do like this, you will get deep into the thoughts of the God by changing from thinking of lust and sex.

PS: Darshan :- Literally, “seeing” or “perceiving.” In Hinduism darshan refers to the perception of the ultimate Truth perhaps through one’s own experience or perhaps through such secondary means as seeing (thus experiencing the spiritual essence of) a guru, a saint , a holy site, or a sacred effigy. 

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