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Easy way to save the money

Dear Swamiji,
My salutations to you.  I am varadaraja Chettiyar from Nanguneri.  Even though I earn money by doing hard work, I am unable to save even a single paisa.  I am aged about forty years.   But I have not kept even a thousand rupees in my savings till this age.  I am in fear to think about the future.  What I have to do to save the money?  I will be highly grateful to you if you can advise me a simple remedy to resolve my problem.
Varadaraja Reddiyar,

According to the horoscope the planet Mercury is showing the money.  The planet which marks the places of the bank and money is also the Mercury.  If the Mercury planet is having enmity and if it has got lower place or if it is in the hidden places then the person holding the horoscope will have continuous problems for the money related matters.

The people with such kind of horoscope need not worry about them that their status will be of struggles like this due to the reason that the mercury planet gets down to the weaker position.  Our ancestors have advised few simple solutions after their deep research.  We can get resolved of such financial problems just by following them.

The plants have the grasping power of the planets ten times more than the human’s body.  In that way, the fenugreek plant has the grasping power of the planet mercury.  The fenugreek which is generally used in all the cooking is not only having the medicinal values but it has also the astrological nature.

The women and the kids will have the habit of saving money in the Hundi. Just for their experiment put four to five fenugreek seeds in the Hundi on Wednesday at Mercury planet-sign Timing(Horai) and then keep saving money in that Hundi.  You will see that the savings will grow surprisingly very fast and make you happy.

Take some fenugreek seeds and set it in a white cloth like a small pack, keep this near the god’s photo and keep worshipping the god regularly.  The way to the wealth will open undoubtedly.  This same action as the fenugreek does, would also happen by worshipping the Lord Ganeshji made using the root portion of the Calotropis gigantean plant following the pooja methods properly, the financial saving position will improve.

PS Hundi :- A hundi is a financial instrument that developed on the Indian sub-continent for use in trade and credit transactions.

The Paisa is a monetary unit in several countries  for Coin

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