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Will the mantra offer us many crores of rupees?

          There will be a problem for every person born on the earth. There is no human life without having problems. The poor person thinks that he will not have any problem if he becomes rich. But the rich person will have problems, like loss in business, troubles from wife and children, the fear of being cheated by anyone and come out on the road, etc. Such quantum troubles will surely be there for rich people.

Generally the mental confusion is the root cause for all kinds of the problems the human mind can be said as the worst ghost of all the ghosts. The human mind will jump like a the calf of the horse even for tiny victories. Just for a small desire also it will run like a dog, but if failed it will down its head like a hen affected with cough.

It is very difficult to control such a mind. This is why, Lord Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that it is difficult to the control the mind. No one can perform such a tough work even by doing hard penance. There is no patience or time for that.
The thought of controlling the mind completely is equal to reading of all the books in the Connemara Book Library within a day itself.

There is no need to read all the books to develop the skill. Only one book is sufficient to recovered from the confused mind for the person who wants to rectify himself. Only one mantra is sufficient for such person. That mantra will offer him courageous mind, mental satisfaction and the brave mind to face any kind of struggles and problems.

We can ask about how an ordinary word will give so much to a person. I had already told you. Mantras are not ordinary words that is a sound of a god from the heaven that sound only is spread within us. The magical vibration power raises the hidden power within our mind and makes us perform. That’s all the matter. Is it not sufficient if the mind becomes clear? We can very easily manage all the problems.

Likewise, Human beings will have small wishes. If a person going in a cycle wishes to go in a car, even if this thought seems like a wish beyond the limit of a ordinary human being. But nobody can blame him if he wishes to ride a motorcycle.
There are separate radio frequencies for Pondicherry radio station, Tirunelveli radio station. Likewise, there are different mantras to fulfill our tiny wishes, to reach the almost enjoyment of attaining the boon of feeling the God. If we perform these mantras properly, we will get all the needs as per the desire of our mind.

For example, I feel to tell about myself instead of telling about others. Since 1987 my life was spent with business, politics, etc. I was not having any big times. The human life  will not be felt hard if there are no targets to fulfill. The cyclone came into my life after the year 1987 has broken all the feelings of my mind such as self – confidence, courage, ego, the desire to live etc.

My life would have come to an end surely if I was not aware of mantras. But the mantras have provided  me a rebirth. I am able to feed those people who are depended on me.

I am show many people if I were asked to show someone else apart from me. I feel that it will be good to show one or two over here. He was a big star in the Tamil cinema world during 1996. He took more money as a salary during the period of Rajinikanth who took one crore rupees as his salary. 
He was not only an actor, and was a good story writer, good director, very good film producer. Likewise, he was in peak in his profession. He came to the road by anonymously cheated by his own brother and his wife. Meanwhile, he came to by knowing about me. I wondered by seeing the famous film star in front of me, but after listening to his story I had a worry instead of surprising of meeting a famous film star.

I gave him few mantras and asked him to chant and come.  He told me Sir, I cannot do this with confidence in this mental condition. I will not be able to concentrate my mind for time being. Can you do this for me? It can be done but to do so few external things are required. He was not having money to buy them. I was not having mind to ask him.

But I have to explain the situation to him isn't it? I explained him. At last he brought Rs.5000/- as hand loan from someone in spite of him earning crores of rupees in his life.   
I was feeling very bad but I was not having any other choice. He got a good chance to act in a movie as a guest appearance actor on the 25th day of the day of the pooja done by me. He got booked for three more movies by the time of the completion of the pooja by me. Now he has started producing telugu movies and reduce his acting in Tamil movies.

The other person was working as the manager in the Banian company situated at Tirupur. The company owner sealed the factory due to the conflicts in the business. He lost his job. He did not get any other job for long time in spite of having professional experience. The aged mother, the wife, three children were depended on his earnings only.

In this costly world is it not difficult to run the daily life of six people with the earnings of a single person. He came to a pitiful situation. He decided to commit along with the family.

At last he bought a bottle of poison with the money in hand and was walking towards his home. Meanwhile, one of his friend met him and gave my address and phone number and told him to meet me to get rid of all the problems in life.
But he kept the address slip in his pocket carelessly went home, convinced his wife and got her concern to commit suicide. His wife happen to see the address slip in his pocket accidentally and asked him, Dear! Why not we commit suicide after at least having a meeting with him.

Both of them phone called me at 12.00 in the midnight. I told them I do not want to stop them if death is their last decision.  Be he is the stupid who says that I am failed while standing in the edge without even attempting to climb up till the end of the peak of the trial.  You also live like that stupid.  If you have faith upon me, just post pone your death day for three more days focusing the welfare of your children.  A door will open by that time.  Have faith and don’t lose confidence.

Even though I told them like that my mind was very much sympathized for them.  Experienced greater pain.  I prayed the almighty to bless them with a way to get out from their sorrowful life.  I chanted few specific mantras.  What a wonder!  I got a phone call from them on the second day.
He spoke to me in emotionally mixed with weeping and happy voice that Sir, as supposed by you, the god has graced us on the second day itself as the reward for our patience.  I got job for a salary of two thousand rupees.  I can survive my life with this payment.  Listening to his words, I thanked the god.

I expressed obeisance to my master for his grace for preaching the mantra of saving a family. Likewise many experiences can be described.  I can show many more verified indications and proofs that the mantras will unquestionably endow good results to all kinds of people.

PS: Bhagavad Gita: The Bhagavad Gita, literally meaning The Song of the Bhagavan, often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Tirunelveli: Tirunelveli also known as Nellai and historically (during British rule) as Tinnevelly, is a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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