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To have good business in the shop…

                There is a point of confusion even for the people who have faith in the Vasthu Shasthra.  The discussion is always going on about keeping or not keeping the front door entrance in a particular direction.  It is very important to every human being to know about starting a business like the importance of building a home for himself.  Many builders will not explain the architecture about the formation of the building analyzed based on the place and the type of business.  They think that it will be good if such factors are judged normally rather than going deep into the subject.

For example many people does not know about the correct direction of the ordinary shops.  But many good factors have been clearly mentioned in the Vasthu Shasthra about this.  Nobody is ready to come forward to expose these facts to anyone.  Few people mumble that even if these facts are told, the common people are having difficulty to understand about them clearly as the Vasthu factors are exposed in the language of Vasthu Shasthra.

Generally all kinds of businesses will flourish if the front entrance is kept in the North and East directions.  The reason is that the South West corner is closed and forced to be airless place.  If the South West corner is properly formed then there will not be any problem.  There are few more circumstantial facts in this.  It is an important fact to know about what type of business can be conducted based on the formation of the main entrance in a particular direction.

It will be very much profitable if the main entrance is kept in east phasing direction to all the businesses such as, book stalls, educational stationery shops, textiles shops, departmental stores, two wheelers sale store, etc.  The main entrance of the professional shops can be kept in north direction.  The jewelery shops, cosmetic and makeup articles selling shops, shops selling of iron, coal, tyre, etc. can be run in the buildings where the main entrance is kept in south direction.

The shops selling the Seeds, spices, water pipes, etc. can be formed in the buildings with main entrance in the north direction.  It will be progressive if the main entrance is kept in the southeast direction for all such businesses viz., Restaurants, Fast food shops, electronic and electrical shops, fuel pumps, etc. It will not be so much profitable if the shops are kept in the corner directions such as northeast corner, etc.  Likewise the god photos shall not hanged in the shops in the north direction on the wall built in south direction.  The furniture such as table, chair, etc. used in the business places shall not be made of iron or plastic material.  It is will be excellent if the furniture is made with wooden materials such as, teakwood, indian kimo tree, etc.

Likewise the proprietor or the cashier shall sit in the east or north phasing direction.  If they sit in the east direction the cash box shall be kept in the right side of their seat.  If they sit in the north direction the cash box shall be kept in the left side of their seat.  The weighing scales shall be kept closely to the wall in the south west direction.  The shop shall be cleaned both in morning and evening and the lamp shall be lightened by worshipping the god with camphor.  The habit of doing the formality to remove the fascination of the eyes shall be followed once in a week.

The auspicious mantras like Sri Chakra, Sri Lakshmi Chakra, Dhana Akarshana Chakra, Kubera Chakra, etc. shall be written formally following all the legendary procedures and kept in the main cash box and worshipped regularly as per ethical and cultural pooja regulations. If we do with dedication and confidence it is for sure that we can experience our business growing prosperously.
PS :  Chakra is a diagram formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central  point. It represents the goddess in her form of Shri Lalita or Tripura Sundari,the beauty of the three worlds (Heaven, Earth, Hell).


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