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The explanation about witchcrafts

                 An old man was very much angry on the society.  He says like this.  What is this world?  There is no mercy or pity in all the human beings.  It has become like the story of biting the goat, the cow, at last biting the human. There is no respect upon the parents. There is no affection between the brothers. There is no faith between the husband and wife. The affection upon the children has also become as the play on a dais.
Another person says like this. Many people are waiting for the bus for their travel without carrying about a human who is fighting with the death. Even the doctors who are responsible to save the patient are greedy for money without feeling about their duty. While the doctors itself changed their part, will the politicians, officials, social service persons, general workers, policeman remind unchanged? This is why our country is corrupted.

For this argument another person comments like this. The cinema is the prime reason for this corruption of these people by showing scenes about how to do a crime, how to get escaped from the crime, how to hide the crimes and act like a wise person. Moreover the cinema explains clearly like a dictionary about doing crimes such as killing, raping another person’s wife, how to create general problems by awaking the religious issues. By watching all such scenes a person understands about the wrong ways of development. Hence the cinema, and the television media should be banned at least for 10 years in the society for the true development of the society.
Nobody can object these peoples talks saying that this is unfair, not a fact etc. But we cannot also agree to these peoples statements as perfectly correct. That is we feel to ask about the good things being said in the cinema, is the cinema showing only bad things, there were no bad happenings in the society before the arrival of the cinema. We feel to ask about why no one is having in the mind that the good principles such as motherly love, brotherly affection, friendship, being genuine, dutifulness, etc. or all these are not set up to cover the people.

If it is true that the cinema will make a big change in life then it should have corrected at least fifty people out of hundred people why this is not being told to anyone we have to come to a conclusion by thinking evenly and by not focusing upon the question of why the cinema has created Auto Shankar, Jayaprakash, etc. Not only in tamilnadu but people in all over the world will understand bad things immediately comparing to the good things. There think about them by spending few hours in a day this is a common psychology of all the people. The news of a woman kissing a man in the middle of the road will get spread very fastly than the news of a woman hitting a man with her slippers who pulled her with his hand.

This shows that the good things will not be grasped by the human then the bad things getting grasped this suits not only to cinema but also to the witch craft. Likewise the witch craft epics have many good things also. Many productive ways have been explained for doing productive deeds by using magical witch crafts but many people do not know about these matters. Nobody is knowing about these good matters rather than knowing about the bad matters like mesmerism, libidinous fascination by magic, occurring death by witchcraft, etc.

Once I had given an interview in the television  about how to do harmful things with the mantras. Many people told me after seeing this that they were thinking me as a holy sage and they now think me that I am witchful man. Many people discontinue the relationship with me after asking about my speech in the television. I have to laugh upon their innocence in being considering me as a magician. Many people think that by talking about the use of witchcraft to injure a person, voodoo, sorcery, etc. What is going to happen to them? What is the benefit to them?, etc. few others think and fear that they may get by just taking about the witch craft. So much of fear and doubt feelings are filled with in the peoples mind.

What to do without having fear? I am also remembering the words told by someone about the event happened in this life. I was running a provision shop business. I used to make Rs.500/- everyday and was never used to fear for my family survival. I made my children to study in good school. I had taken good care of my parents. I used to fulfill all the requirements of my wife without fail. On a Friday morning, a tambourine man came and begged me for some money. I told him, Oh man! Today is Friday and you beg for money on today? What is this? Let me first get some this as poli. You go and come later. He replied that he will not go and he urged for money in a commanding voice. I got angry and pushed him out by shouting upon him Oh dog!, get out. He got angry and cursed me that I will come to the road by using all the wealth existing with me.

I did not care and fear for his curse and also forgot this incident considering that he is not a great sage who performs penance hardly by standing with head upon a needle tip. Next Friday, that is the eighth day of the day, he had cursed, the kerosene light fell down and the fire which can go off with a bowl of water has burnt my whole shop to ashes. His curse became true not in fifteen days but within eight days, I came to the road. Few days ago, I heard ten people as workers under me. But on today I am working in the Koyembedu bus stand by lifting the gunny bag as a laborer. Likewise if  a man is harmed with the magical witch crafts how can we research about the good and bad of the witch craft. Such kind of murmuring words are also falling in to my ears.

Yes. It is true. Many people who know in and out of the magical witch craft use their powers to do bad things or to block the hindrances rise from the bad results of the witch crafts. Generally many people mention about Voodoo, sorcery, etc. Many times and many magicians also spell these words frequently. What is the meaning for this? Many people do not know the real meaning of these words. Specifically we can understand the meaning of the words witchcraft Command, sorcery. But we cannot understand the meaning of Voodoo. Hence many people ask me if I can explain the meaning of these words. I consider that it is my duty to give them explanation. I also consider that it would be better if I give the complete details about the witch crafts after completing this duty of mine.

The word Voodoo is not in Sanskrit or in Tamil. This word spelled by lord Buddha is a word from Pali language. This can be meant as controlling of oneself. That means a person having magical powers or if he is a professional magician he can control ordinary man. This is called as “Voodoo” which means a magician who knows Voodoo Mantra can convert an ordinary human beings to a psychiatric patient, can make a healthy man to a serious patient. All the big deeds of a person can be converted to failure. This is the explanation of Voodoo.

Next the word sorcery comes. We all know that this is a word from Sanskrit ‘Shoonya’ means blank. The magical male of making a rich person to stand on the road as a poor is called a sorcery. With the help of Surya mantra anyone can be evaded, anyone’s hand and leg can be disabled we negative herbal energy can be inserted into the uterus of a mother without her knowledge and the kid can be killed.

To order a work to a person under oneself is called as Witchcraft Command. Likewise ordering to a powerful magical slave energy against the enemy and making their efforts to become waste, Likewise the brain of a person can be acquired in to control and he can be made as our slave.

Likewise another word being used in the witchcraft magic’s is Seivinai (neuter). The important aspect of Seivinai is to block a person who is performing according to his desire and earns profit and victory successfully and divert his mind into various ways and finally pushing him into a dig and spoiling his life. One persons financial situation can also be spoiled his health can be weakened. The next one is Vaippu this means to make a person eat a thing through a magical way or medicinal way or to rub something on their cloths or body  and having control upon them. There are many magical aspects in the Witchcraft magic.

While reading this you may have a doubt. That is what all will be prepared to apply this upon an individual or upon a family. This means which objects we have to acquire from the enemies upon whom we need to attack. The magicians are telling that to give trouble with the Witchcraft magic. Upon any one, we need their photograph or clothes with sweat or blond, or we have from their head, the mud below their feet.

PS :Auto Shankar, Jayaprakash, is the name of an Indian serial killer.

Witchcraft (also called witchery or spellcraft) is the use of magical faculties, most commonly for religious, divinatory or medicinal purposes. This may take many forms depending on cultural context.

Koyambedu is a locality in the South Indian city of Chennai.

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