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The disease cured by the gift of the Siddhar

        I had recorded my writings about the experiences and the compliment of arsenic formulas got from the Siddhars, who got mystic powers.  Many people contacted over telephone and told me that I could also write the benefits and good deeds got by any people with these powers.
Hence I will share my first experience got from applying the arsenic formulas got from the siddhars.  Many people think that the arsenic formulas are medicines to cure the disease directly.  This is completely a wrong contemplation.
Generally a disease emerges due to the shortage of life saving nutrients in the body.  This rule will suit to the diseases from aids to the common cold.
The application of the arsenic formula medicines will yield us the lost power again in to our body.  This is why this medicine is considered as the great remedy for all the diseases.  We all know the aggressive nature of the cancer disease.

An ancient sidhar hymn states that the people affected with cancer will not born again.  That is the ancestors mean that the agony of cancer disease is such a horrible experience of  enjoying the benefit for the sins committed in the previous birth, the offenses committed in this birth together at once.  The human community is facing failures only after struggling with the cancer disease since long time.  The reason is that there is no proper medicine to get rid of the cancer disease.  This cancer disease eats of the life before the medical doctor finds out the indication of this disease.

An young woman was brought from Chennai by her parents.  She was like so pure like a fresh flower being plucked from the plant.  Despite strong promises, it is very much hard to believe of that she is a cancer patient.  But the god was stressing this little woman for some reason.

We never understand sometimes what could be the reason for the struggles and problems incurred by us.  If we commit a sin yesterday and enjoy the benefits for the same today then we would know that this is the benefit for the sins committed.

Who would know about the sins committed in the previous birth ?  Hence we shall console ourselves and considering that such diseases are the benefits of those sins.  There is no other way.  This woman would not have committed any sin in this birth.  She did not attend that age.  She has to bear the distress of this disease for the sake of the sins committed by her parents or due to the sins accumulated by her from the previous birth.  However, any rock hearted person also will start tearing in his eyes by just seeing this young woman and knowing about the disease suffered by her.

I gave the medicine made using arsenic formulas for the first time to that woman without having belief.  I did not express any promise to her or to her parents.  The reason is that I do not have any such experience previously.  But I got a very good news from them within three months.  They said that the formation of the disease has reduced upto half stage and they got new belief and life.  They also felt very happy.  But felt the happiness extremely.

PS : Siddhars are saints in India, mostly of the Saivite denomination in Tamil Nadu, who professed and practiced an unorthodox type of Sadhana, or spiritual practice, to attain liberation.

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