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Same knife for the operation and for the murder

        A young boy belonging to kerala state was having many hindrances due to the witchcraft and sorcery problems named as Abhichara Prayogam. Their family approached me by bringing him along with them in a very critical position for his life. I was able to evade all his physical and mental problems by performing special poojas and homas based on the tantric methods continuously for 63 days with the grace of the god.

One of the people who had come along with the young boy asked me about what basis I am performing such kind of poojas. I answered him that I am doing these poojas based on the Adharvana veda.

He told me that bad things can alone be created with the mantras of Adharvana veda. And he questioned me whether good things also be done with these mantras? I explained about all the Adharvana veda principles to him. Today’s blog is to share those details with the readers also.   

Adharvana veda  is being known by various names viz., Adharvangres, Bruguvangres, Brahma veda, etc. The three prominent Vedas viz., rig, yajur, sama are very much respected as the holy Vedas in the ancient times. The Adharvana veda was considered as evil provider and hence this was kept aside. But in due course this was considered as the fourth veda as the kings and the public liked this Veda very much.
Actually the three Vedas are not bothered about the general requirements of the people or about the problems faced by the people and the ways to get rid out from the them, etc.  But the Adharvana Veda is discussing about the problems of the people and also narrates the solutions to come out of the problems faced by the people.  Therefore this is called as the veda of the people.

The Adharvana Veda contains nine chapters.  They are namely, Paippaladham, Thaudam, Maidaayanam, Sonakiyam, Saajalam, Saladham, Brahmavadahm, Veda darsham, Saranavaidhayam, etc.  The Paippaladham, Sonakiyam are the two prominent parts of the Adharvana Veda.  The Adharvana Veda can also be stated as a complete magical epic.  All the deeds, and feats mentioned in this veda are just in the form of mantras.
It shall be considered as the Adharvana Veda was very much useful only for doing bad deeds in the ancient days.  The ways to obtain good benefits were declared in due course.  All the mantras told in this veda are really powerful without any doubt.  Few mantras will cure the chronic diseases with their wonderful supremacy.  It can also create long life and can make the disputed family join together.  It can also create name & fame and can make the deceits to bend themselves in front of us.

Few other mantras will lead the technique of cursing others, to create death to anyone, to make anyone unconscious, to make other’s life get spoiled, etc.  Many verses in the Adharvana Veda are formed in the Besha Jaani Raaga.  Modern music research team has declared that this particular raga has the power to cure the psychological diseases.  There are various other hymns in this Adharvana Veda such as, to get developed in the farming business, to form the buildings, to escape from the fire accidents, to make the rainfall, etc.

These hymns or mantras are called as the Mausticani mantras by the Adharvana Veda group of people.  There are various compensative methods stated in the Adharvana Veda to get solutions from the effects of the troubles or problems created by the nature of our misbehavior.  The sithi karma mantras will guide us to make the husband and wife relationship stronger, to win in the love, to solve the problems of the women, etc.  There are many abhichara type of mantras in this Adharvana Veda which leads us to corrupt the pure and holy family housewives of the opponents, to hypnotize the uncontrollable women and pull them towards our side, etc.

The raja karmani type of mantras will help for the growth of the country, for the victory of the kings and to make die of the self-existent kings, etc.  Hence the Adharvana Veda mantras are like a sharp knife in our hand.  We can also do murder or operation by using this.

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