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I will not stop my work!

            A sister has written a letter to me as below after reading the blog stated by me about the science of pleasure (Bhoga Shasthra) 
Dear Sir,
I am very much upset by reading the blog titled as ‘Sagunam’ (augury) stated by you. Please note that I am also a widow. I have also the effects of the powerful planets Rahu and Kethu. But my marriage was done in a grand manner. Myself and my husband have lead a good life. Even after his demise and me becoming a widow, each and every deeds of life are very much successful until today. If I go to any home of my known people, all the problems, confusions and conflicts of their family will get evaded and that family will flourish more in their life unlike before making myself and everyone else to get surprised about the wonder of my entry in to their life. Why did the effective planets of Rahu and Kethu have not affected me in any case of my life. By the second of my reading your blog I lost the dedicated respect I had upon you.             
Miserably yours,
Karthik mother.

The above was the content of the letter received. 
I have been receiving few such letters sometimes. By reading them, my faith upon auspices and upon the astrological epic factors are kept growing instead of getting reduced. The reason is that most of the letters written in such manner come with a note saying that I do not have the planet positions of Rahu and Kethu are improper. I can feel the true value of the facts mentioned in the ancient and divine epics such as Kaushika Naadi and Agasthiyar Naadi by seeing them based on such letters having a note as said above.

Let us now focus on the letter of this sister. She has mentioned that she lost the respect upon me by just reading the blog stated by me. I am very much worried about such a comment like this. Meanwhile, I am bound to authenticate that this sister has to feel and understand that the epics and Shasthras are meant for all and not for an individual person.

I had stated in my blog that the women living without a husband will have the grasping effects of the planets of Rahu and Kethu. Hence they will have the vibration of pushing others into the sluggish and strange nature. It shall be carefully observed that my point is that the strange & creepy nature will get created temporarily and I never declared that this will exist permanently. Moreover, It is not my thought that the families will get troubles by the visit of the widow women to their homes. I will never have such a thought.

The articles stated in the blog are mostly based on the general calculations. If anything is not matching to a few or to one or two people, this is called as exceptional case. It is not a wise argument to talk about exception while we discuss about a general topic. Everyone of us will surely  feel the pain if we are bitten by a Scorpion. But if a Scorpion bites a pregnant mother, the child will never feel the pain of even the bite of a hazardous Scorpion. This is an exception. Can anyone argue that the bite of a Scorpion is false by just having this fact of exception in mind?

Likewise, this sister and other such people may also be having powerful hidden powers which cannot be explained properly or they might be having the graceful blessings of the god completely. But due to this I cannot stop telling the general topics to anyone. I am bound to convey the regret personally to that sister if the details stated in my blog hurt her in anyway but I do not wish to stop my work of stating the general facts.    
PS: Sagunam’ (augury) :-  A sign of what will happen in the future
Naadi is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen by Hindu sages in ancient time.

Kaushika, Agasthiyar : Hindu Sages

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