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Hindu Children shall read the holy Quran

       The problem of religions exists not only in our country, but is a global problem around the world.  But this a topic of hurting the country’s soul only in our country of India.

Those who want the development of India want to extradite such kind of religious fights from our country.  But many of them do not know the way to make peace between Hindu and Muslim people.

Many foreigners have invaded our country before the invasion of Alexander.  Although there is no alternative opinion that all these invasions are for the desire of acquiring the country, all the invaders were in the thought of robbing all the wealth of our country and none of them were wishing to stay here and rule the country.  But the Muslim kings attempted to establish their eternally ruling power upon the country and found that there are many impediments to their efforts.  They assumed that if their ruling authority is established in this country then the whole nation will be spread with the Islam religion as the main religion of the country.  Hence they started involving themselves in that experiments

They started attempting to change the people’s mind to get converted to their religion.  Hence the Antipathetic feeling has started growing in the peoples mind upon them.  In spite of the existence of the Muslim people in India, the Antipathetic feeling upon them is existing still vastly in the minds of all the people.  Even though we may not note such Antipathetic feeling in the south India we can observe this feeling in various places of the north India. It is the foolishness of the hindu people that they dislike the innocent Muslims, instead of expressing their extreme dislike of the Islam kings.  Few political parties are using this foolishness of the public for their favorable activities.  The hindu people are worried due to the activities done by the government in the supportive to such political parties.  Such kind of compassionate situation of not caring the country’s position takes place only in the secular Indian government.

Today none of the muslim people living in India are the people came from the arab countries.  They are our neighborhood brothers only.  This fact is forgotten by the hindu and the muslim people.  The hindu people alone are not the offenders for the non appearance of the unity between Hindu and muslim people.  The muslim people also have equal offense.  I have experienced of seeing many muslim parents introducing the hindu people to their children mentioning them as the god’s enemies. The behavior of the muslims is wrong like the fact of the oil and water will not stick to each other. Such a society will be in the minority in order to save themselves a little bit of Indian Muslims, though most of that is natural to make mistakes.  Although it is a natural deed that a minority society may commit such mistakes, the activities of the indian muslims is too much.  Hence the government has to do something to clear the problem of hindu – muslim conflict.  But clever people have lost the faith that our governments will take productive activities for this.

The Hindu-Muslim politicians are thinking that they can run their show only by continually developing such religious partialities and conflicts.This situation shall change.  Secular government does not means that the government is beyond the religions.  It means that all the religions shall be treated as equal.  Hence if our government intends really to avoid the enmity between the people, hindu people shall read the HolyQuran. The Islamic children shall read the Bhagawad gita. If opinion about both these religions is known to each other clearly then, the people of the future generations will start seeing each other as a human being instead of the people related to a specific caste.

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