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Do you need children? No need of Banana Tree!

   Dear Guruji, Few days ago, you had answered a question clearly explaining for the question asked by a devotee whether a single coconut tree can be planted? The answer for this question was very much useful for people like us.  Now my question is this that few people grow trees and plants in front of their homes just for the beautiful atmosphere.  But I feel that there good and bad powers and benefits by growing the plants.  It will be good if you can explain me about the plants which can be planted in the homes, and the about the plants which cannot be planted in the homes based on my question.  Kindly explain.


   Growing the trees is a very good deed not only to an individual person but also to the whole human community.  Because the trees can be considered as the boons of the almighty to the earth.

There are no trees or plants which can be considered as useless.  The Pharbitis seed trees are also not worth to avoid, which make the paddy field and the areas having good water sources to become dry.

If such trees are planted in the dry land and maintained to grow will be useful to the burning source of the village and also for the production of papers.

This means that the trees will produce good benefits based on the place of their plantation although the trees and plants are generally of beneficial nature.

The output vibration of the trees planted or grown especially in the homes shall not be troublesome and harmful to the human’s body or mind.  Few trees create bad effects to the human being while he stays near them while few trees and plants have the nature of offering good benefits.

The trees which shall not be planted and grown in the homes are : tamarind, jujube, jumbo fruit, golden berry, Coronilla grandiflora, palmyra, beal, wood-apple, pipal, cotton, mudar, nerol, Hedychium Spicatum, gum tree, butter tree, banyan, Diospyros Ebenum, Terminalia Arjuna, drum stick, oleander, crape jasmine, mimosa, blue berry, Strychonas nux vomica, etc.

But such trees and plants can be grown in the public places like temples, schools, etc.

Likewise the banana tree shall not be planted and grown in the homes where there is no kids in the home or there is no male heir to the home owners.  Generally the banana tree growers in the homes can plant the three on the south or west direction and shall avoid planting the tree in the other directions.

Likewise milk trees, thorny trees, may plants, brambly trees, etc. shall not be grown in the homes.

Few people will keep aloevera in their homes to evade from others envy of the home structure.  This is a wrong step.  Keeping the aloevera in the home will result in creating negative effects even if the home is built according to the Vasthu Shasthra.

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January 28, 2018 at 3:49 PM

Can i plant banana tree in back yard at South West corner


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