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Can we enter into Share market?

Dear Guruji,
My humble namaskarams to you.  Although I was born in Madurai, presently I live in Vathalakundu.  I had invested in to the Share Market with the big money which I got from my ancestor’s property.  The investment in the Share Market was profitable in the beginning but suddenly I lost all the money invested in the Share Market.  Then I started a provision shop with a minimum investment and now it is running averagely.   But the income from this business is not sufficient to run the family.  Hence I am interested to invest in the share market once again by taking loan from my friends.  But I feel uncertain due to bitter experience I had in the past life of mine.    I don’t know whether I will be able to do that profession successfully again?   Or  I will fail in doing that ?  So I request you to kindly predict my horoscope and show me a good way of income to survive the life happily.
Saiyad Ahmad,

 A cow is tied up in the cattle shed.   The length of the rope with which the cow is tied up is about ten feet.  There will be no problem if that cow moves here and there to the distance of the length of the rope.  But the cow will be pulled back by the rope and the cow will fall down by unable to balance itself and suffer if the cow attempts go beyond the distance of the length of the rope.

We, the humans also are behave like the cows tied up in the cattle shed.  The rope named as fate is tied up in our neck.  There will be no problem until we move within the circle as fixed by the fate.  The problems, failures, etc. will come to us while we boldly want to cross this limit of our fate.

We cannot feel what is the limit of the fate until we experience the life.  It is very difficult to get back all the lost things again after we feel the fact of our fate.  But the God has graced us with a special intelligence to somehow know about the fate and follow according to the limit of the fate.  The Astrology is such a kind of intelligence tendered by the God to the human.

The Astrology will not explain line by line about all the day to day incidents experienced by us.  It is wrong to expect that it will detail us about that.  The basic nature of the Astrology is to alert us to such an extent about the anticipated problems and enjoyments of our life.  But the human is refusing to believe and have trust in the Astrology while he loses his goodness and becomes arrogant with wishful mind.

We get the thought about the reality of the Astrology only after incurring various experiences in our life. Even though this is as worshipping the Sun God after becoming blind, this will help us to be alert in the future and live the life with more vigilant and awareness.

The question sent by this devotee has got clarified mind after having experienced in his life like other people.  The experienced you had in the share market in your past makes you now wavering and to rethink about entering into that share market business once again now like a cat having hesitation to drink the milk as it has already experienced drinking the hot milk.  We can notify that he is a lucky person because he has realized about the fact at least now.

After perfectly analyzing your horoscope it is very much clear that you do not have the luck or the fortune in your horoscope to do businesses such as Lottery, Race, Treasure, etc.  The businesses based on the calculation of mind are known as the businesses such as Lottery, Race, etc.

Likewise we can consider and confirm that even the share market business is also based on the luck or fortune only.  The difference between both of these businesses is there is no need of any knowledge to buy the Lottery.  But at least a normal smartness is required to get involved in the share market business.

Moreover, whatever business we endeavor in our life, we have rely upon the strength of oneself  only.  The ancestors used to tell that the person who runs off from climbing the tree, the person discontinuing from doing the business started with loans and borrowings, both the people are the same.  

The business started with loans and borrowings is like settling of only the interest money with the money after selling the chain which was bought from the money taken for interest. Therefore I warn you not to get suffered uselessly by doing business from the money taken as loan.

Moreover I can suggest you to do the business of selling the spices and other provision items it will grow in a good way according to the structure of your horoscope. It will provide you a great life. Therefore, you make your focus completely on doing the business of selling the spices and other provision items. The god will shower his grace upon you without fail. There are plenty of possibilities of growth in your future business and personal life. The planetary positions proposed in the transformation chart of the planet Jupiter will take you to a very good and prosperous path of life. So please be patient and await for the elegant goodness proposed from the powerful god. 

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