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The planets conferring us the mental illness

     Dear Guruji, My salutations to you.  I am writing this letter in a great mental agony.  I admitted my eldest daughter into medical study with great difficulty.  She studied well for an year.  There was no problem.  But the troubles started from the second year.  She did not concentrate on the studies.  She did not move well or talk unreservedly with her hostel roommates or classmates.  She will lock the door of her room while she comes to home for holidays.  All of us were shocked about lack of her regular personality of talking cheerfully with everyone.

Suddenly we got a phone call from her college office.  They said that she is unusual now unlike her nature and we shall take her back to our home immediately.  All of us were traumatized of this news.  We went immediately to the college and brought her to home.  She was completely a patient affected with mental illness disease.  We have given her numerous medical treatments.  Few people told that she might have got affected with a ghost spirit.  We have also taken steps for that.  But there was no use of all our trials.

We have been wandering to the hospital, temple, magicians, etc from the past two years.  We also met few astrologers.  They say that it will be alright now or in the soonest time.  But there is no improvement in health till now.  The grievous point is that none of us being so much close to her or her very best friends are able to understand or trace the reason for this disease or the incident which has given so much of shock to get into such a troublesome disease.

It will be very difficult if a male child is affected with the mental illness disease.  All of you will be knowing how immense the difficulty of bearing the mental illness disease is affected to a female child.  If she is the only child, then it is okay.  But there are two more female children after her.   We are very much worried about the future of the other two kids may get spoiled due the threatening mental disease to this first female child.  I want to know why she has become a mental illness patient and will this disease of her mental illness can be cured.  I request the guruji to bless me with a detailed way out of this hazardous disease.  I will be highly grateful to you all over my life if you can suggest me with a better way to get my daughter cured from this disease.


   The diseases like cancer and aids are considered as the worst diseases in the world.  But if I would say that the nastiest disease is the mental illness.  Because the patient affected with the cancer disease knows well that what is happening to him and he can explain his problems to others.  But the people affected with mental illness disease know nothing about themselves and also about the happenings around them.  Your daughter is affected with such a kind of most horrible disease.  This is very much sorrowful.  But the god has a merciful to all.  He will show a better way to this problem and get you all out from this sorrows and problems.

You said that none of you could not feel the reason of the change in your daughter health.  I am unable to agree this.  A true mother can realize even a small change in her children. But a father cannot have this sense of realizing.  Try to recollect the happenings or the changes occurred in her before she became to this stage of a mental illness patient.  You can judge the reason to a certain stage.

The planets mars and kethu are placed together in your daughter’s horoscope.  The kaushika naadi astro manuscripts say that such kind of planet connections would make the horoscope holders to fall in love.  Based on these theories, it is very much clear that your daughter might have fallen in love with some anonymous man who is elder than her and she is in a stage of being unable to express this feelings to anyone.

More over, an epic named Jathaka Chinthamani declares that the effect of mental illness disease will be more to those horoscope holders having the planets Jupiter, Sun and Saturn being present together with the sixth ruler.  Unfortunately the formation of your daughter’s horoscope  is like that.

The horoscope chart decor says that this mental illness disease will get away after some time as the Jupiter and ketu are in good positions.  Based on this, it can firmly be said that your daughter’s mental illness disease will get cured.

It is clear that there are some ancestral defects in your family by analyzing your daughter’s horoscope deeply.  Hence do all the remedial deeds suitably to evade the blemishes and troubles of these defects.  Apart from this visit the Kala Bhairava temple located in the Kasi (Varanasi) City on the coming twentieth day of the February month of 2015 and tie the holy thread in your daughter’s right hand wrist brought from this temple after doing the relevant pooja by the holy priest of this temple.  With the grace of the Lord Kala Bhairava and with the effects of the medical treatments your daughter will get completely cured by the end of the November month.  Do not worry.  You may think about how the tedious disease will get cured with this holy thread which is not being cured by the treatments of professional doctors and quality medicines.  My realistic experience is that the doctors are just providing the medications and treatments.  But the disease is being cured only the grace of the god.

PS: Jupiter and ketu : Planet of Luck Jupiter is the thinking-person's planet,Ketu is the descending lunar node. 'Ketu' is said to be the body of Rahu, after the head of the asura was cut off by God Vishnu.

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