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The dead one will born again

        My elder brother has expired before two years due to his ill health.  Now my younger brother has got a male infant baby born to him.  Many of the village people who saw this child have told that my elder brother who is expired was looking like this child only at his childhood age.  The child also is always staring at the elder brother’s photograph itself.  My elder brother was used to tell that he will born in this home itself again and do all his duties.  Many incidents happened in the home confirm this as true.  My elder brother was unmarried.  My younger brother got married to girl he loved and got a female child before the death of my elder brother.  Our elder brother was the only person to help all of us to get educated.  He was taking good care of all the members of the family with great love and affection.  My mother has named my elder brother’s name to this child.  Will the dead ones born again?
        One of the very important and proven facts of the Hindu Religion is the re-birth of a human being.  That is the main principle of the re-birth is that the human being will born again according to the sins and good deeds committed by him.  If we clap with our two hands we get a sound and by thrumming the veena instrument also a music will come.   This can be said as the result of a deed although it is an effect of an occurrence.  The fate is that the main person who commits a mistake or a deed shall enjoy the benefits of that occurrence according to the nature

You may now feel correct and smart, by betraying a woman after loving and making her pregnant and telling that you will not marry her.  But you will have to enjoy the benefit of your betrayal.  You will have to enjoy the benefits of this betrayal at least in the next birth even if  you escape enjoying in this birth.  We can see many people whispering like this that I am suffering terribly in this birth and I am unable to understand why am I troubled so much.  The main reason or root cause for such unknown sufferings is that the sins committed in our previous birth.

Committing the sins or doing the fortunes, We have to take another birth to enjoy the benefits.  If we get a miserable problem due to the sins and if we enjoy a pleasure due to the good deed done by us, both of these are the arresting animals to the human beings according to the spiritual theory.  That is the benefit of the sins committed is like a iron animal and the benefit of good deed is like a golden animal.  The human being shall attain the stage of salivation by crossing across his life.  He shall born again and again until he gets enlightenment.

The other religions say that there is no rebirth.  The scientists may blare on the stage meetings.  But of course there is a rebirth surely.  Death is not the end.  It is the beginning of another chapter.  Life changes the body like a man removing the existing shirt and changing to another shirt.  This is why our Siddha people say that the euthanasia is like sleeping and the birth is like getting up from the sleep.  To say this more clearly, we get up from deep sleep with the same body and while getting up from the euthanasia sleep, we get up with another body.  There is no need to have a doubt.  There is a birth even after the death.

At the same time, another fact shall be clearly understood.  There is no rule that the dead man shall born again in the same family.  In many cases it is not possible. Somewhere like fig bud it happens very rarely.  It shall not be forgotten that such happening will be based on the god’s command and will never happen according to the will of the dead soul.

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