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The blemish of Saturn and the sesame rice

    Sir, I am born in swathi star.  According to my horoscope my lagna is Aries. The Janma sani is going to start for me in the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day. Will this create any problem to my health? Please explain. 
Rajagopalan, Kallakurichi.
      The effects of the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day will not be malicious according to the calculation done by us based on the Almanac of astrological spheroids as per the birth details sent by you. The reason is that this period of the Saturn in your horoscope is the second round only that is the period the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day is the period of Saturn offering you all kinds of wealth. The wealth and your place in the society will always be in the ascending path and will never descend during this period. Moreover the swathi star is a favorable star to the planet Saturn. Hence it can be concluded that the effects of the Birth Saturn JanmaSani in your horoscope will not be malicious. Moreover the present Dasa and Buddhi in your horoscope are formed in a good way only.  Here you need not fear for this. But it is a best habit to go to Thirunallar and worship the Planet Saturn Saneeswara. In case if you cannot visit there, you may offer sesame rice to the crow on every Saturday. This will give you the best effects.

Aries: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.
Thirunallar : Thirunallar is a small town in Karaikal, India, in the Union Territory of Puducherry, and can be reached by road from the town of Karaikal, an enclave which lies within the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Thirunallar is most noted for the shrine of Lord Sani (Saturn), Thirunallar Saneeswara Temple within the temple dedicated to Lord Darbharanyeswaran, a form of Lord Shiva.
Lagna : In Vedic Astrology Jyotiṣa, the Lagna or Ascendant is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on earth in Jyotiṣa.

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