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Marriage happened because of Guruji’s answer

      Hello to all readers of Yogi Sri Ramananda Guru website. All of you know that our Guruji answers to readers questions in astrological terms. On 28.11.2013, I have also, informing that I belong to Brahmin caste and I am in love with a woman of the lower class, asked him a question whether to marry that girl or not?  For that, Rev.Guruji answered very clearly, ambiguously, elaborately practical way.
His response cleared my mind, which was disturbed like a farm pond.   Born from a family, which is having a background of a belief that “Loving is an evil deed that too loving an other caste girl is very evil”, I don’t know whether it is fate or God’s play, I had fallen in love with a girl

First when I fell in love, I don’t know to which caste that girl belongs, and what is her family background. She was also working in the same office, where I was working. When I first saw here, some unknown chill/thrill came to me.  When that thrill started rooting and spread its branches, I then realized that was love. I expressed the love to here.  She also accepted that love, realizing within her also there is chemical change.

After that only, the other things which will obstruct our marriage came to our eyes. We consulted many friends, whether of us getting married, is right or wrong and whether it will be practical to the present.

Some people told her that in Brahmin community they will be looking at Acharam, this, that and will be performing rituals every hour and fasting every day.  You can’t neither understand that, nor participate in that with full mind. Therefore, both of you think over well, before deciding about marriage.

To me they advised “You had never touched non-vegetarian.  Even onion, garlic is also not suitable for your Achaarams.  But this girl will not eat her food, without dried fish, and fish. Both Tiger and Deer can’t eat the same food.  Therefore, before starting your family life, think over many times.

Some others advised that both of you can marry.  But after marriage, all your relations will boycott you.  You can’t participate both in good and bad occasions casually.  Even though you lead and move your life with difficulty, this intermarriage will raise question on the lives of your children born to you.  Therefore, avoiding this marriage which is not acceptable to practical life is better.

I have heard that people who consume alcohol and who use chorus will become unconscious. But truly, I have also became unconscious in this matter by seeking advises from many people, and became walking like a lifeless person

 In this condition only, Yogi Sri.Ramananda Guru, without any mental agitation, showed a clear path to me.  I have become a person with 1000 elephant’s strength. Even if much opposition comes, or testing befalls comes also, I had firmly decided to marry the girl who has believed me.

In this condition, to bring my love matter to my family’s attention, I found out a trick.  Taken out a print of the answer, given by Guruji to my question, and showed it to my father.  First he was terribly shaken.  Then after becoming calm, he said, “I want to see the Guruji, who has given this answer” I could not control my happiness.  Some how to get an appointment to meet Guruji, I tried his telephone number many times, but could not talk to him.

Fortunately, one day evening, I got a chance to talk to Guruji. Without breathing I poured all the matters to him, and pleaded him to give a chance to meet him.

He replied saying “During last Sunday of December, I will be coming to Sripuram Vedha padasala situated in Andhanallur, Trichy, Please bring your Parent there, and we can talk”.  I felt like a fruit falling in milk. If the God, whom I was searching for, is coming before me, who will be more fortunate than myself.

On the day mentioned by Guruji, I met him with my Parents. Guruji told so many things/matters to my father. Listening all these silently, my father replied” if Guruji’s wish is this, I will consider it as Lord Shiva’s decision. Let everything happen as per the path shown by him. I am not obstructing”

For one minute, I felt like the entire World is making a circle around me.  Without knowing how to express my happiness, I cried.  Thanking God’s mercy, except crying, I can’t do anything.

With God’s will and Guruji’s blessing, to marry the girl whom I love, day is fixed during Thai. I don’t want to confine this joy, only to myself, and wish to share this with all the readers. Very shortly, I will inform my marriage date to you all.  I request all the website readers to bless us.
Somanathan, Trichy

I pray to God for the wedding of reader Somathan to take place in good manner.


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