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How to do inheritance...?

       If a man dies, he requires six-foot land.  But when he is alive, even for a single inch land also, he is struggling throughout his life.  This fight is not only with other humans but he is ready to fight his own blood relations also. Mahabharata is a long story of such a struggle and we all know this fact.

Mahabharata relationship fight has not ended with Kurushetra battlefield part of the story.  In our period also, we see elder and younger brothers fighting for land. My maternal grandfather had four brothers. Not even one brother among themselves, had unity, from the days of my mother’s knowledge. Just for One Acre land they fought till their death, and died as enemies. Like this, so many families’ old and new stories are, still happening,

The number of pending cases in the courts today is mostly related to land only. Daily we are seeing so many younger and elder brothers fighting against each other, saying “That land is a good land and in an unfair way my elder brother grabbed that land. Somehow please get back that land to me”

If elders say, O God! Why are you dieing fighting against each other.  Please follow the give an take policy, people who are greedy about land does not listen to it,  For the case filed by his grandfather, we see grandson doing strict penance at the court gate, and they don’t have time even to think “: Are we going to take this land during death” Knowing very well, man's desires are dangerous, and If we allow them to work freely, we have to face disastrous effects, to divide properties, our forefathers, definitely,  have adopted some fair ways.  Until the time, those fair ways are in practice, land disputes never crossed the village borders for settlement.
Out of the brothers, for the first (elder) brother, last part of the land and for the last son, first part of land is given as their share, and this practice was followed those days.  There is a reason for giving last part to the eldest son. In anything, the part which is base will be strong.   The eldest should be the foundation i.e. base, and hold everything together is the inner meaning for this.

Olden day’s brothers accepted this interpretation.  They had realized the duty of being the head of the family who should lead the way for other brothers. Younger one also obeyed to eldest.  Therefore, cities and World were peaceful.  Communism was followed as a legal one.
But as the days rolled by and human’s brain started growing, desires also started growing.  A situation had come, for strongest person only good share, and for the person who does not possess strength, only alms vessel is his share. Ethics flew in the air, conscience green fields have been drained of, competition and fighting has become society’s routine activity. Joint family’s house tops have flown off because of the selfishness storm.  High courts entrance gate has become permanent residing place for relations.
For all matters relating to land and soil Vastu Shastra, which tells the implementation of the guidelines, ir is really surprising for telling ways and means for brothers not to fight and die for the cause of property partition, and   not stand before the Panchayat with folded hands. The reason is, if human frames some law and tells good things, people will ask why should I do this. If we say it by the name of Shastra, they will shut their mouth and follow that.  Realizing this, our elders have shown good ways fes and blind people like us. 

If there is a House, and brothers wish to share among them, we should give west side to eldest and East side to younger, tells the Shastra. This will apply if there are only two people. If more brothers are there, the property should be shared as per Shastra, for eldest Southwest, next brother Northwest, third brother Southeast and fourth brother Northeast. Likewise, if shares are to be divided among brothers and sisters, according to Shastra for brothers in the South and West side, and for sisters in the East and North side shares are to be taken.  In a single (same) family more than four successors are their for sharing the property, except for four persons others should take only money as their shares and not the place, as per the Shastra.
This is not only the case.  If brothers happen to live in the same road, according to Shastra, they can construct house, side by side and not opposite to each other. No one can say that the shares computed in accordance with the distribution of Shasta have gone stale. We can see that, without respecting Shasta and acting ignoring that, is only facing lot of difficulties.

People who say we will not listen to whatever Court says or Panchayat people shouting like bears, if they think and act in a relaxed way,   believing Vastu Shasta, as God’s judgment, not only fighting’s, in life without facing any difficulties will live happily and this is very sure.

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