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Do you also have this confusion?

        Sir, I have a doubt.  One day is consisting of the time of period from morning 6 to next day morning 6 or the time of period from midnight 12 to 12?  The time of birth is mentioned as midnight 3.30 on Saturday in my horoscope.  This can be considered to which day?  I need your explanation.  Kindly excuse me if I have asked anything wrong.
Vijayakumar R.

             The question asked by this reader is an ordinary one only. But this is has much important notion.  Many people get such kind of doubt and confusion.  Hence many people are confused whether they are born on Tuesday or Wednesday.  According to the Tamil and Indian astrology calendar a day is considered from the time of the sun rise time to the next sun rise.  That is 6 am to the next day morning 6 am is considered as one day.

But according to the English calendar one day will start at the midnight or at 1.00 am early in the morning.

Preparation of horoscope is being done according to the Tamil cultural almanac from ages.  The Tamil methodological numerology will not be suitable to the numerological astrology of the English method.

The start up of a day can be considered as starting from 1-O'clock  as all the government regulations are following the English method.

But while presuming the astrology, Tamil method shall be followed.  According to the tamil method, it is right that the reader is born on Saturday midnight.  But according to the English method, it is only right that he is born on early morning of Sunday.  There is no need to get confused in this.  Let the astrologers do all the calculations for preparation of the horoscope.  According to your method it is for sure that you are born on Sunday.

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