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Do the work first

              There is no living being which is unfaithful like the human.  He says that all the victories and the crores of money were earned by him only with his skills and hard work.  If any small obstacle is faced, the same human mumbles and weeps, O God! Why are you giving this setback?  Few people ask over that is not unfaithful sense of nature of the human to say that all the victories were earned by him and if he happen to fail in anything the god is responsible for that.

While we happen to listen to such talks, we also feel that we have also faced such situations. If the big brother gets a job, we say that he got that job with his proficiency and expertise.  If the father gives some extra money we say that he got the money with his hard work.  But in the case if any failure we say that the god has not given anything. Is this fair?  Our wise men and spiritual elders state that always live in thinking about the god and never think about anything else but we happen to get self pity about us not being able to think about the god but we think about the defective computer system or if the cow which used to capitulate the milk has fallen ill, etc.

The sages and saints may think about the god in every second of their life, but how can we, being an ordinary human being possible to think about the god?  We may get confused and worried if may suffer like this without getting the grace of the god if we are unable to think about the god always.
There is no need to worry or confuse about this.  The Hindu religion says that the ordinary human beings who have involved themselves in the family life need not think about the god in every second of the life and it is sufficient if they can worship the god with complete dedication when they get time in their life.

Once the devout sage narada was very much proud about his devotion upon the Lord Narayana while comparing to all others.  He also declared about this in front of the lord.  Listening to the prideful talk of the narada, Lord Narayana advised him not to be so much proud about himself and he told about a farmer living in the kailasapuram who is much more dedicative upon the Lord Narayana than the sage narada.  Sage Narada had a wish to see that devotee immediately.  One day in the morning time, he went to that town and saw him.  That man woke up in the morning and just said O my father Narayana and then he went to the paddy field by taking the plow along with him.

Narada also went along with him.  That man ploughed the paddy field till the sun comes to the middle of the sky the sunny time.  Then he ate some old rice and lied down under a tree and rested for some time.   Then he did the works of cutting the furrow, weeding etc. one by one and came back to his home after the sun set.   After finishing his dinner food he once again said O my father Narayana and started sleeping well.

Narada did not able to understand anything.  He thought that how that man is greater than him, while he just thinks about the god only twice in a day while getting up from the sleep and at the time of going to bed.  He asked about this doubt to the Lord Narayana itself.  The Lord Narayana replied him that it is not important that how many times that man thinks about him but it is important that the time of his thinking about the god is only important.  That is the time of your worship of god can be just for a minute also.  But that one minute shall be delicately spent exclusively for him.  This is the basic pitch of our religion.

What is the point of just thinking about the god without doing any work.  What will be the end result?  It’s just zero.  Lord Sri Krishna says in the classic Bhagavad Gita that do your duty without having any rest.  And he never says that think about the god without doing any of your duties.  But this advice will be suitable for mystic and gracious people only and not to ordinary human beings like us.  The life according to the Hindu dharma is to urge the god for his grace after performing sincere hard work.

It is not wrong to forget the god at the time of attaining victory.  But we have to call the god while we face any failure without fail.  We have to scream saying that O God!  Please save me.  Please lift me from the tunnel.  Such kind of yelling will console us that we also have someone to embrace us and we will also have the inspiration to further work hard.  Therefore call the god when you have any difficulty.  He is there to wipe your tears.

PS: Bhagavad Gita: The Bhagavad Gita, literally meaning The Song of the Bhagavan, often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

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