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Amends to Promote Longevity

     As far as our India is concerned, full moon and New moon days are celebrated considering these days as holy days. For performing Magical applications and  Pithru tasks, while New moon is considered as optimal day,  and for some good tasks, for performing amends (parikarams) Full moon is good day. During full moon day which comes every month, the amends to be performed separately, and the benefits that are received are abundant. But this has remained as secret, unknown to many people.

It is good to maintain some matters are secret.  But it is not suitable for many matters. If you hide and keep it as secret, it may go in extinct, as the days go by. Therefore, I think it is my duty to bring those secrets before the eyes of public. That way, I think, in the coming full moon day, what are the amends that can be performed, can be recorded as series of recordings. Let us see Chirtai month full moon’s specialties.

A man can be rich and wealthy. He can be very strong, beautiful, and healthy. Having all these, if his life longevity is less, what is the benefit in that? Therefore life longevity is very important. For some persons, even though they are having life longevity, daily he will be having a fear of death, as to now we will dye? or that time we will dye?  Fear of death is a bad thing than death itself. Therefore to get life longevity and live without fear of death, we can perform amends (Parikaram) and fasting during Chitrai month.

We can say that there will not be any Hindus who have not heard about Satyawan, Savithri. with her Perseverance and micro brain, she made Emadharma to think about her husband and brought him back from the death castle. So, the day of her husband's life redeemed is the Chitra Purnima.  It is not the only thing special about this day.  Markkandeya, who made Lord Shiva to kick Kala Deva  and escaped from Kaladevan’s  affection web, is on this day only

On Chitra Purnima’s day, we should do fasting towards Chitragupta, i.e. the angel who calculates humans’ longevity. Definitely, we should not add salt on that day’s food.  Food taken without salt is known as fasting. If somebody thinks, on this day we can avoid alkaline type food and add sweets, it is very wrong. We should eat the daily food as usual without salt, and fed to God before consuming it.

On that day, we should pray to Chitragupta shrine in Thiruvannamalai temple, and Sri vaanjiam Chitragupta and distribute food and other donations to poor people. Very specially we should give all medical help to poor people who are suffering from cancer.  By doing like this, our longevity will increase and fear of death will diverge.

PS:  Chitragupta : A Hindu god assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth.

Satyawan Savithri : 
The oldest known version of the story of Savithri and Satyawan is found in "The Book of the Forest" of the Mahabharata. The story occurs as a multiple embedded narratives in the Mahabharata as told by Markandeya.

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