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The Unique Mantra offering Victory

Success mantra
         Last year, during the noon time of a day of March month, the sun was making the world very much hot at its peak. In the ancient times of Tamil Nadu, even the cactus plants of the desert area will also burn due to the heat of the sun. But due to the mistake of the human beings even the gardens also become as the deserts.
By seeing all such scenes, many questions arise in our mind like this. Are the human beings the reason for the Climatic changes? Or the God who is guiding the mind of the human beings into a erratic path? The Lord Krishna says in the great epic Bhagawad Gita that he is the main reason for every incident happening in the world. If this is right, is the God the real reason for the heat of the solar area? Can the gracious God do such cruel deed?

The selfish thought of the American President Obama to acquire the Gulf countries and the cruel deeds of the Osama Bin laden, all these are the deeds of the God? Definitely not. The Theists mentioning as the God and the Atheists mentioning as the nature, both are more or less the same. The nature will never operate to destruct by itself while we focus on understanding this based on the above statement. The seed sowed within the soil has to come out in the shape of a plant only with the power of the soil. Growth is a positive rule, pressure is a negative rule. The operation of the God or the nature is a positive rule. The operation of the human being by increasing the pressure seems like the negative power.

The operation will be set in sequence if the positive rule and the negative rule operate individually, even though both are same based on the philosophical view. Everything will happen in a correct way if the negative power breaks all the hindrances and operate according to the stream of the positive power. Everything will go awkward if operated against the stream of the positive power. Hence we can come to a conclusion that the reason for all the problems is the operation of the brain of the human beings and the God is not responsible for any of the happenings.

A human being has created his internal world as corrupted due to his limitless desire and hence the corrupted external world is considered as the deed of the human being. If we  deeply observe, it will be very much clear to everyone of us that we are the main reasons for all the problems of our life.

A man and a women love each other.  They will suffer all over their life by getting split or by committing suicide just for the non acceptance of the love by their parents.  They will blame their parents for not understanding them as the reason for their suffering, worries, etc. and they are not responsible for their sorrowful life if we stop and ask them.  Having affair with someone or fighting for love is not a hindrance for the culture. In fact this is a natural event.  But the people involved in this subject face irrelevant sorrows without having courage to face the problems.

The air of independence felt on today in India will be of an air of slavery if our freedom fighters have these confusions and queries like this. The power of the ruling parties which had kept our country into slavery is very much high.  Can we fight against this powerful Government?  Can we come back after the fight?  The poison which has the power of destructing the world will also become as nectar in due course if we continue our travel with patience and nonstop efforts having the faith of getting the fruit of success irrespective of the time with a challenge of fighting against any quantum of power.  The people fighting against such powerful rulers without having such kind of patience and nonstop efforts will do the operations nervously, will get spoiled themselves and also spoil the world 

Today, how many of us have the courage and power to face the challenges of the life.  We can count them within our fingers.  The time has changed.  Few people are annoyed that the world is full of poison and perfidy everywhere. There is no place suitable for the good people to live in this world.  In fact, this is the threnody of the courage less and weak-minded people. The world still remains the same on that day and even today.  The quantum of the affection and hospitality is still alive like the same size of the growth of the Betrayal and deception.

The person having the nature of suspicion will think even a rock as a hand ball.  A man will start his failure if he suspects about the status of his winning position.  The fire of desire will burn around us while the failure thought grows within our mind.  To make that grow to more extent the ghost natures like jealousy, lust, anger, etc. will also grow up within our mind to increase the fire of our desire like the insects fly and come in search of the light and get burned.  Our life itself will become as a drug given to a mad person.  Hence the strong-minded confidence is required to suppress and reach everything.

It is good to speak and to read the written concepts about the requirement of faith.  But few people are mumbling that no work is opting success in spite of the efforts of more than about thousand times.  Many people make this as a fear by telling that the courageous mind, braveness, etc. are the nature of feelings comes by birth.  It has to come by itself and we cannot make it come up to us.  If we ask that is the courage really a nature by birth?  Is it has to come by itself?  If we ask like this, the anatomies set by our ancestors and the modern science tells us no, it is not like that.  And the person who fears by seeing even an earth worm can make a serpent to a garland and wear in his neck.

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The only requirement to get a courageous mind is to work hard.  If we are ready to strive hard then the courage will be like a cloth washing rock within us.  Are you telling that you are ready and what is the explanation?  I am not going to tell you any scientific solutions.  That shows the medicine, tablets, etc. which may resolve the mental stress and will take your mind to perspicuity temporarily.  But the way out suggested by me is the victory enjoyed by me, the way followed by many, the way offering the path of success.  You need not bend the sky into a bow.  You need not convert the soil into a rope.  You can be alone at your private room.  You can be at the end of the road.  Just spare half an hour’s time for this.  It may be in the morning, evening, or in the night, it can be at any time.

                                     “Om sreem hreem kleem vaame namaha swaahaa”

Chant this mantra very deeply within your mind without shaking your tongue and lips continuously for about twenty minutes.  You will feel the change in your life within a few days itself.  Anyone may say that the people having belief upon the mantra, magic, etc. are the cowards having no self confidence within them.  You need not wander your mind to answer them.  This mantra is like a piece of wood got in hand for a person who got caught in the vortex of a river.  I am telling you that you can reach the bank if you follow this idea.  Try your best.  Success is guaranteed.

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