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Have you ever experienced of seeing the Siddhar?

                The great sages called as Siddhar will never advertise themselves.  About two months ago I was relaxing myself by sitting under the coconut trees at our Narayana Mission Ashram complex.  This kind of sitting is my favorite entertainment habit.  Is there any other enjoyment in the world apart from watching the scenes like the squirrels climbing and playing on the trees, the birds dancing in the branch of the trees, etc?  My assistant came near me and said there is someone has come to meet me.  I asked him to come to me.

A young man came and stood in front of me whose costumes were like a north Indian.  But his face was flashing with a Dravidian glow which was confirming that he is a Tamilian.  I offered him a seat and asked what his name is.  He introduced himself that his name is Tamil GyanaSiddhar and also blessed me by applying the holy white ash, which he brought magically from his bare hand.  I accepted his blessings with great devotion.  He told me that I am going to do Annadanam (offer food in charity) in my place and so you have to offer two bags of rice or the money equivalent to that.  The Goddess Adhiparasakthi has ordered me to tell you to give this to me.


If money is required in charity, it could have been asked normally.  There is no need to do unwanted things like bringing the Holy ash Vibhuti, telling that this is the order of the Goddess, etc.  Hence I asked him very politely, Swami, to whom you are going to do the Annadanam, provide the food freely?  He daringly said that it is for the public people.

I told him politely and in a teasing manner that in general, I do not like to do annadanam.  I will get the necessary food to the beggar in the roadside, or to a mentally retarded person, if I wish to offer food to anyone.  Hence I asked him to excuse me for being unable to fulfill the order of the Goddess.

He got angry immediately.  He said that he is the progeny of the great sage Durvasa. He is a siddhar professionally trained in all kinds of magical tricks. He will curse if he becomes furious in anger. By listening to his talk, I thought that it would be a time of enjoyment for my mind if I see my friends the crow and the sparrow. Hence I made a gesture asking him to get out and resumed my work.


There is a crowd of such siddhas these days in the country. These people will not know the true meaning of the word siddhar. The mental illness of feeling themselves as a siddhar will come by reading four songs composed by few siddhas and by knowing few sayings of the siddhas.

Let the real siddhas excuse such people. I had a wish to practice the skill of controlling the organs of the body in the kundalini practice session during the devotional practice of my early stages. But I do not know the method of doing this. During that time I had the opportunity of meeting a great siddha.

My Arakandanallur (Present Living Place ) evening hobby during that time was to sit in between the horse statues in the Arakandanallur Pachai Vazhiyamman Temple. One day while myself and my friend were sitting over there, a beautiful man came and sat near us. He was of about four feet only. It would have been long time he has put oil on his head and combed the hair. He asked me to get a cigarette to him while he was cleaning his stained teeth with toothpick. I told my friend to give that man the new cigarette packet which he was having in his pocket.

The cost of that cigarette packet was Rupees twenty five before twenty years itself. My friend might have thought that how we can give such costly cigarette to a person seeming like a beggar. That man, who felt this in a second, has told me Sir you need not give this costly thing to me. Instead it is enough if you get me a beedi. My friend was shocked. He went to the shop and got him a packet of beedi and gave him while thinking about how that old man knows the thought of his mind. Both of us were shocked of seeing the next incident.

Yogi Sri Ramananda Guru

He lighted the beedi and pulled in the smoke deeply and did not leave out the smoke like other people. He swallowed all the smoke of the whole beedi which he inhaled in a stroke like a monkey smoking a beedi. After a moment the smoke of the beedi came from the bottom of his dhoti. That is he left out the smoke from the hole of the rectum. Who will not be shocked if they see such a shocking scene?

Although, shocked in the beginning, I understood in a few moment that the people who could do like this might have been surely got trained in doing the Hata Yoga. Instantly I expressed the wish of my mind about learning the kundalini yoga. He asked my friend to go far and wait, he thought me that practice without hiding anything clearly and also about the method of doing that Yoga according to my body standards.

The one time teaching of him has got fixed in my mind strongly as if this teaching was listened since many ages. He took just two rupees only as the fees for teaching the technique desired by me and he tore the two rupees note into pieces immediately after taking from me. I could not understand till today why he did like that. I never met him after this incident.

Likewise I have met few real siddhar people with a one to one meeting. I have interacted with them. They have thought me some secret tantric arts. It can be said that the experience of obtaining delightful wisdom, joy, etc. after meeting them can never be forgotten. To pen all those incidents a separate book shall be published.     
PS : A beedi is a thin, Indian cigarette filled with tobacco flake and wrapped in a tendu leaf tied with a string at one end.

Siddhars are saints in India, mostly of the Saivaite denomination in Tamil Nadu, who professed and practiced an unorthodox type of Sadhana, or spiritual practice, to attain liberation. Yogic powers called Siddhis are acquired by constant practice of certain yogic disciplines. Those who acquire these Siddhis are called Siddhas.

Annadanam is a unique scheme among all donations.

Tantra is the name given by scholars to a style of meditation and ritual which arose in India

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