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Even Those Who Have No Faith Can See God

  •       We have heard that Breathing exercises called Pranayama are good for a healthy life.
  • We also know that the way to practice Pranayama should be learned from a Guru. Some people think they can decide if they can practice Pranayama or not after getting to know the preconditions like timing and food.
  • Pranayama not only increases one’s lifespan, it also helps one lead a healthy life as long as he or she is alive.
  • Books on Yoga clearly state that breathing exercises are to be properly practiced only in the mornings and evenings.
  • At dawn and dusk, one has to sit in padmasana position on the floor, and ensure that the spine is erect.
  • There are no strict stipulations that one has to use deer or tiger skins as spread on the floor.
  • Cotton or woolen clothes can also be used.
  • Mats made of canvas clothes are better.
  • We can keep the images of our favorite deities in the room where we practice the breathing exercises.
Sandhya Vandanam
  • People who don’t believe in God can keep natural sceneries. This practice will take even an atheist closer to God.
  • It is very important to keep the room clean and make sure there is free flow of light and air.
  • Incense sticks or other perfumed objects should not be used.
  • During the practice there should neither be other human movements, nor the presence of pet animals.
  • As for diet, keep your stomach half full with cooked rice combined with a little ghee and dhal.
  • As far as possible don’t let the mind wander; keep the eyes closed; and very slowly without any hurry practice the breathing exercises.
  • What is to be noted here is that you have to practice Pranayama at the same time every day. You can’t change the time as you wish.
  • You have to follow a fixed schedule of time every day.
  • Shouting and the use of harsh words should be avoided.
  • As far as possible don’t let the mind entertain lustful thoughts.
  • As for diet, keep your stomach half full with cooked rice combined with a little ghee and dhal.
  • As for the rest of your stomach, one quarter should be filled with water and the other quarter with air.
  • After your meals any one of the fruits like banana, mango, orange, or custard apple should be taken.
  • When your stomach is full or when you are hungry, you should not practice Pranayama.
  • Only on an empty stomach and a after clean bath you have to practice the exercises.
  • Those who practice Pranayama will not be affected by any serious disease.
  • There should not be any noise.

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