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The performance of the Lamp Pooja to get relief from the diseases

    The great divine saint vallalar has seen the God in the form of a light, i.e., Jyothi. Hence the nayanmars and alwars also call the god who is spread in the nook and corner of the world as the Jyothiyan. Hence the worship of holy lamp or Jyothi in our ancient religion of Hindu is having a unique place. Performance of yaja by lighting the fire is also another kind of worship of holy lamp or Jyothi. Great scholars and holy devotees have praised the worship of holy lamp or Jyothi as the light of wisdom is lighted to clear the darkness of innocence.

The lighting of a light during the evenings in the homes of Hindu people is a important event. A light is involved in the life of a Hindu from the stage of the birth to the stage of the death. Hence a woman who comes to a home like a daughter in law is called as the person came for lighting the lamp and is praised as the Grahalakshmi. Hence a woman is praised as the creator of the next generation. Hence she is the lamp of the home and she brings light or progress to the life by removing the stagnation or the darkness of the family.

There will be a philosophy behind the products and ingredients being used in all the customs and performances being followed in the Hindu religion. We have seen above, about the background of the custom of lighting a lamp. There is also a meaningful background in using the Kuthuvilakku in the hindu customs. The appearance of the bottom of the lamp is like a lotus flower in a broad and round shape is the resemblance of the creator God Brahmha Deva who is sitting in the lotus flower which has grown from the belly of the Lord Narayana lying upon the snake bed in the holy milky ocean.

The pipe portion which is in between the bottom and top portion of the lamp is the resemblance of the Lord Maha Vishnu or Thiru Vikrama who has measured the earth and the sky with his two feet. The bottom part of the top portion of the lamp which inhales the oil is the resemblance of the Lord Shiva who has suppressed the Ganga River in his head portion. The five faces of the light are the remarks of the Lord Shiva.

The top portion of the light will be like the kumba of a kalasa. This remarks the philosophy of Sadasiva who is having a shape and also a shapeless. The oil or ghee poured in the lamp portion can stand as a resemblance of the Nada Brahma which is spread all over the world. The white color cotton lid resembles the mother Saraswathi, the light blinking in the edge of the lid resembles the wisdom, the power of light resembles the Maha Lakshmi, and the heat of the light resembles the Parasakthi, the consort of the Lord Rudra.

Apart from the above all specialties, the artistic sculpture shapes resemble the Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, Rama, Krishna, etc. It can be shortly told that all the gods and goddesses remain in philosophical shape in the Kuthu Vilakku like all the gods and goddesses are present inside the holy cow, Kamadhenu.

It has been mentioned in the astrological epic which is having connection with the Hindu religion that all the individual human problems will get cured by worshipping the light. I do not have so much of confidence in the light, as I was not aware of the greatness of lighting a lamp. Moreover, it cannot be a sensible matter to keep this aside considering or accepting this by agreeing without performing any kind of inspections.

Hence I thought to test the lamp lighting remedy. A close of mine was suffering from diseases frequently. I advised him to light the lamp in front of Lord Muruga, the destroyer of all diseases. He did according to my advice. The result of his efforts was wonderful. He got relieved from the stage of frequent diseaseful life gradually by performing this lamp pooja. By this, I was clear that the remedy mentioned in the Astrological epics is true and is a fact.

Our Astrological epics also mention that the time between early morning four and six is best time to worship by lighting a lamp in the homes. It has been mentioned that all kinds of wealth in the family can be attained by lighting a lamp in this time. Likewise it has also been mentioned that by lighting a lamp in the evening times will bring the boons of the grace of the Goddesses Mahalakshmi. Likewise, the Astrological epic also says that by lighting a lamp facing in the east direction will clear all the diseases and destruct all the poverty & hindrances of life, by lighting the lamp facing in the west direction will disclose all the debt and the effects of the Sani Bhagavan will also get relieved.

The Astrological epic also says that the virgins & unmarried youth having the wedding barriers will get married soon, and the children will win by getting good marks and pass with the best grades by lighting the lamp in the north direction, the sins will get awakened and the fear of death will occur by lighting the lamp in the south direction.

Apart from explaining about the use of correct direction, the epics are explaining about the benefits of the spine thread used in the light. It has been told in the epics that education will grow by using the white cloth as the spine thread, by using the thread made of calotropis cotton, the problems and vulnerable effects of the poltergeist, voodoo, witchcraft, etc. will be avoided, the usage of a cotton thread will bring all kinds of wealth, etc. It is advised that the usage of red colored thread will enhance the wealth and poverty will get away.

Likewise the Astrological epics also advise us that, to get the blessings of the Goddess Mahalakshmi and also a hate by life, we shall use the ghee as the ingredient to light the lamp, the inauspicious miseries of the life will disappear and we can get the blessings of Lord Narayan by lighting the lamp with gingelly oil, by using the wild olive oil we can get the grace of the Rudra angels, by using the coconut oil, we can get the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the usage of margosa oil we can get good health.

There are various benefits in the lamp being used to light. All miseries will disappear by using the lamp made with mud. We can get the graceful blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, by using the lamp made with silver. The angels will be impressed by using the lamp made with five types of metals, we can get a healthy life by using the lamp with bronze, the malicious effects of Saturn will disappear by using the lamp with iron, we can be wealthy by lighting the lamp’s five faces, the cow herds will grow by lighting the four faces, we can be blessed with children by lighting the three faces of the lamp, by lighting the two faces of the lamp the integration in the family will grow by forgetting all problems, by lighting the single face equal benefits can be attained.

Generally we have seen five faces in the Kuthuvilakku lamp. The five faces symbolize the five characters of the human. The meaning of this is that the human will get good place in the earth during his life and good place in the heaven after his life if he follows these five good principles such as Love, Knowledge, Stiffness, Steadiness, Patience, etc.

Generally the light is being lightened in the Pooja room only. But the light can also be lightened in other places of the home such as middle of the home, kitchen, canopy of Tulsi, etc. The Hindu epics confirms that the poor family irrespective of their stage will become rich without fail by drawing rangoli in the middle of the house during the evening time and lighting a light using the ghee and the yellow thread. You do try one of these suggestions. It is for sure that you will lively see the good benefits without fail.

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