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The lived one will only knows

   We have heard about many people whispering like, my mind is not calm from today morning. I could not concentrate on any work. I feel very much disturbed. I am getting tempted upon all and irritated upon everything. I am unable to control this. A very small matter also has ended up in quarrel.  We might hear about few more people moaning like; there was no problem from morning till the noon.  But when I saw the person named Sathish Chander, everything is turned upside down.  Sometimes I get annoyed even with the kids.  I don’t know what it is.  There is no connection between both of us.  But whenever I see him I get tensed in worthlessly.

Why is this unwanted tension and anger arising from us?  The mind will be distressed in the morning times due the insufficient sleep in the previous night and if the dinner is not taken properly or if the body is tired in any way.  We may convince ourselves that the anger will come without any reason.

We may also have scientific explanations such as, why are we getting tensioned if we see the person named Sathish Chander while we are not tensed upon seeing anyone else?  There may be something which we do not like in the appearance of that Sathish Chander.  The form of the appearance need not be in the human shape.  It may be a dog or a cat which might have bitted or scared us during our childhood.  While we see that aspect in the Sathish Chander, we are irritated.

Actually we do not think about how such kind of anger and temptation are happening to us.  We can tell the work pressure and stress as the exact reason for this rather than telling the reason as the carelessness.  There are many pending accounts to be cleared.  There are many works in pending like, remitting the electricity bill, water tax, insurance policy, etc.  Can we research about this unworthy anger in between so much of disturbances?

You will be surprised to know the real reason.  The ancestors say that the desire of mind is the main reason for not only such kind of anger but for all kinds of temptations of a human.  You may think about what is the connection between a wish to buy candy floss and getting anger upon the government for the uneven formation of the roads.  I don’t know whether these matters have connections or not.  But it is a conform truth that the desire of mind is the root cause for the anger and temptation got by us.

During our childhood days, we wish to go to a movie, wish to get wet in the rain, but father refuses to give money to watch the movie, mother shuts off the door without letting us go into the rain.  What happens to us immediately?  Crying and anger, isn’t it?  At last we get unbearable sadness if these two feelings go to the extreme and become severe.  All the incidents which are mentioned by us as the very deep mental sores would surely have happened like this only.

A small stone will destroy the nest built by the bees with great effort for several days with a minute. Likewise the anger shown by us during various situations will change the direction of our life.  A few years ago, I met with a murder victim in the Pondicherry Jail while I had been there to take the meditation classes.

It will be difficult to believe.  He has killed a person just for the reason of a betel nut worth of ten paisa.  I asked him why did he killed that man just for a tiny thing, due to this murder the family of the dead man and the family of the killer has come to road.  He said in reply that, I asked him to give a betel nut packet.  He could have refused, but he teased me by telling that I don’t have the capacity to buy even the betel nut packet.  I got angry upon his careless talk.  I hit him with an iron rod which was found nearby.  He died in one hit itself.  The victim started crying after saying that the angry for a second has killed him alive.

Now you think about this.  The murder did not taken place just for the desire upon the betel nut, but has happened because of the extreme interest he had upon his self-respect.  Even though the desire may be called in various names such as, Passion, interest, wish, etc, all these are the substitute names of the desire.

Can we live without having a desire?  If we live like that the human being also shall finish his life like a small worm’s life.  Isn’t it?  All the achievements accomplished today in this world are the boons got by the human efforts.  All these have been attained due to the desire and interest of the human.  Isn’t it?  If everyone is in the stage of aloofness in life then we may feel that the human beings have to live just by eating the green leaves and raw meat only till today.  We may also think that this is a fair thought only.

The Palaiyankottai and Tirunelveli cities are separated by a small bridge.  Likewise the desire and the efforts are being separated by a small bridge like the selfishness.  i.e., the efforts without the selfish feeling will take the human community to the path of growth.  The selfish desire of a human will destroy the human community.

If we see this in the history point of view, the desire of Mahatma Gandhi has liberated a country from the slavery.  But the desire within the mind of Hitler has acquired many countries into the slavery.

I have to study, I have to go to job, I have to earn money, etc.  Although all these thoughts are said as the desire of mind, this cannot be considered as the desire, because there is no selfish feeling within this thought of mind.  This thought has also got the feelings of the welfare of my family, the welfare of my country, etc.  But wishes like I alone has to study, I alone has to earn money, etc. are considered as the real desires of the mind.  Such kind of desires and wishes create angry to me, make me terribly worried.  At last this makes me to stand in the edge of the underworld.

The unfulfilled small wishes are considered as the maternal home for this unknown fury. Somehow this anger will come and go. But we cannot conclude that there is no major effect due to this. The reason is that the blood is burning and the nerves are still in lax. Many discomforts are caused in the body. Many times our travel of life gets tilted hence never neglect the anger considering that as a very small feeling. Take good care in preventing the development of the desire to avoid the awakening of the anger. The pleasure of living without the presence of these two will be known only by the person who has enjoyed the delight of such situation in the life.

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