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The Echo sound of the Life in the Brain

    Few people ask me about the relationship of the Brahma Charyam and the magical hymns. Those who did not ask till now also think to ask about this. Here is my answer for such questions raised by these people.

To actively operate the body lively, life is the mandatory requirement. This is known to everyone. Then what is living? How its shape will be. How and where this stays in our body and operates the activity of our body. How many people among us know about all this? Will anyone of us think about us? If anyone think about this and ask us, we tell them mad. Isn’t it? It is all okay. What is life?

We see something and say that as the wonder of the world. We stand upon that with a great wonder. We wonder upon the power of the human brain which has stored and kept the screenshots of an incident happens in America and keeps in a small box at the reception for display. If this Human Brain itself is also much of wonderful thing, then, how much wonderful thing is the life which operates the Human Brain?

A Lorry loaded with a weight of ten tones will run with the power of the air of the tyre. The whole lorry will not move if the tyre is hit by a small nail. But there are nine holes in our body named Nava dwaram. In spite of that the life is still remaining in the body. Without going away any of these holes this is the greatest wonder of the world.

Ok. Is this life the running air? Definitely it is not the air. But the air is a very much mandatory object for the body to be active regularly. Hence the air is one of the components used by the life. Western Science describes that the life is a kind of chemical.

It also says that the chemical is spread in the body completely and operates the body. But the sages of our country say that the chemical in our body is produced by the life. Moreover they also say that the life is a kind of sound. They also sing that the object in the world is the same as in our body.

Our Hindu religion describes the God also a sound. Hence the evidence full opinion of our Hindu religion is that the God is nothing but the Pranava sound of Om only. Hence the ancient sages mention the god as the Naadha Vindum and the image of the Magical hymn.

All the other lives are a small part of the God who is in the shape of a Holy sound. Our ancient sages have shown a very easy way to clearly feel the power of the God. That is, we can hear a ‘m…’ sound in our brain, when we lay on the bed without a pillow by closing the ears and the nose with the fingers simultaneously and by closing both of the eyes. This ‘m…’ sound is the pranavam. This is filled all over the world. That is called as Life. This is why we used to say all the creatures are the shape of the God.

Few people may think that the life is in the head by listening to the ‘m…’ sound in the head area. But this is not true. True source of the life is the form of power which starts from the naval point of our body of our Belly. This is spread as the light from here to all over the body.

A Jeevan will have self righteous ruling nature or powerful based on the brightness of the life. The brightness of the life will be based on the source power on which the life is depended. This power will provide only the Indriya power to the body.

A Human cannot bring the real shake of the magical power if his mind does not get concentrated. At that situation even the magical hymns will also lose its power. The human also without getting balanced falls into the hell named feeling. Hence it is told that the unmarried state of human is very much mandatory for attaining the power of magical hymns.

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