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The Chinese Religion appreciating the Friendship


    We have heard about the people of Greek and Egypt, even though we do not know about them in detail. But we have not shown interest in knowing about the religious thoughts of the neighbouring countries such as Japan, China, etc. It is a true fact that we did not show any interest in knowing about this. Hence I want to know about the religious thoughts of the Japan.

Guruji’s Answer:

   The ancient religion of the Japanese is the Shindo religion. The Japanese divide the Shindo Religion into two categories namely, natural way and cultural way. In these two ways the natural way of Shindo religion will insist to worship the Sun and Moon Gods. All the Japanese people gave prominence to hard work only, since they considered that the Sun as the Life of the World, the Birth and Death of the world will be based upon the movement of the Sun and the crops grow from the power of the rays of the Sun God. They also considered that it is the primary duty of the human to use and to protect the crops which grow from the power of the sunlight. In due course, for some unknown reason the natural way of Shindo religion is diminished and Cultural way of Shindo religion is only present in Japan as on today.

The Holiness alone has become the best policy in the Shindo Religion. Doing good is Charitable. Doing bad is hateable; the God hates the bad deeds and bad people. All these are the very important preachings of the Shindo Religion.

The Shindo Religion divides the holiness into two types, Internal holiness and External holiness. If the heart is purified, then only the human can get integrated with the God. The shindo Religion insists that it is very important that the external aspects of the body, the deeds performed by us, etc. shall be kept and maintained clean.

Moreover, the Shindo Religion advises the people that the Kings who rule the country will be Godliness in nature. This advice matches with a famous dialogue in Tamil that I have seen the King, so I have also seen the Lord Narayana.

Hence the Japanese people, considering the Shindo Religion as their National policy and insist the Kings ruling their country to follow the holy preaching’s of the Shindo Religion. Hence, even today, if anyone of the Japanese King Dynasty, change to any other Religion from the Shindo Religion will lose their eligibility to be a King of the Japanese zone.

Even though the Shindo Religion is a Japanese National Policy, it has many good principles that will suit to the various international countries. Religious Patience, Independence of worship, Brotherliness, Social principles without any partiality are the remarkable principles of the Shindo Religion.

Moreover, the important principles of the Shindo Religion are very much abidable by anyone. While the Shindo Religion advices us the various excellent principles, such as, to pay homage to the ancestors, not insulting the experienced people, to consider the love feeling as the only shape of the God, to consider a dishonest man as a coward and avoiding him, to visit the home of a lovable person, etc. Apart from all this, the Shindo Religion also makes us understand the psychology of Life that the birth and death will happen according to the fate, consider the sky as your father, consider the earth as your mother, consider everything and everyone as your sister, if you follow this, then only you will get relieved from all kinds of struggles, hindrances & conflicts and you will reach the place of happiness of salvation. This is the Holy Prayer of the Shindo Religion.

Moreover, the Shindo Religion also guides the way of becoming as the God from a human, like the sayings of the Hindu Religion about becoming the God from a Human.

All of you follow the principles, orders of the teachers and Gurus, advices of mother and father. All of you work hard sincerely and honestly. Always live with an honest mind at all stages of life. Remove the falsie and learn with interest about all the good knowledge and improve your expertise. Always, be prepared to create the components required for you. The Shindo Religion says that the only way to become a human with godliness is to follow all the above principles systematically. 


   I have read that the nature of mind and the method of work behavior will be according to the nature of the land where a person is living. If a person is living in the desert, his character will be of rough nature and adamant minded and will not be fair, will be of impatient. The facts which are known to me that most of the people who live in the greener and the wealthy regions will have good thoughts and will do appreciable works, this truth is confirmed by the Shindo Religion of Japan. My next wish is to know about the peculiar religious thoughts of the Chinese people.

Guruji’s answer:

   The country of Japan might have faced various natural disasters such as earthquakes and cyclones frequently. But, the country of China is having a balanced nature in the weather changes like our country.

The religious principles created from the preachings of a legendary saint named Confucious were widely spread in China, before the Budhist religion has descended from our country to the China country. But the worship methods of a kind of dragon and some ghosts were followed by the Chinese people before the period of Confucious.

They were in the belief that the dragon which was in wonderful shape is the direct worker of the God and has created the world and the creatures in it, will render punishments or appraisals to the people according to the nature of the deeds committed by the people.

It can be concluded that the people were in a kind of fear upon the God rather than devotion on the God. The worship of the ghosts was also fearful and threatening like the method of worshipping the dragons. It can be firmly said that the teachings of the great saint Confucious has brought culture and quality in the mind and thought of the people to a great extent.

The root cause of the Chinese people is the great saint Confucious like the root cause of the European thoughts were created by the legendary man named Socretes and the root cause of the individual thoughts were created by the ancient vedic Epics.

The modern China of today is the outcome of the dedicated hard work done by the great saint Confucious till his old age. He answered that the duty of the government is to help the people to get out of the poverty, when he was asked about the prime duty of a government to the people.

Then he answered that the second duty of the government is to offer a good quality of education to the people when he was asked about what is the second important duty of the government to be done to the people.

It will like talking the subject of psychology in front of a wall, if the moral stories and teachings are delivered in front of the people who suffer with hungry deliberately. The first need to a person who is unconscious in hungry is the food and not the stories and morals from the Vedic Epics.

The Confucious has told this fact in 551 AD itself. He lived practically, by following the preachings, apart from delivering advices to the people, i.e., if the country has to travel in the path of successive progress then everyone shall be prepared to face the arrow which comes towards them with brave heart, i.e., even though the people are rich and well educated, they need to face the problems of their life without any fear and with brave heart. During the period of the Confucious being a minister of the China, the whole country of China was visibly enjoying the flow of the preachings of Confucious as they see the flow of the yellow river in their country.

There is no news about the God or about the next life in the teachings of Confucious. Once, one of his devotee, asked him about the death and Confucious replied him, what are you going to do by knowing about the death and the life after death, when you don’t know the true secret of this present life, which you live in the world now.

A human being is not just an individual living creature without having any contact with anything. He is a part of the human society. Hence the whole human society will be awakened and will lead a happy life if every individual person realizes the power within each of them. The society with a group of people having no feeling of awakening or self realization will get into pieces like a nest of bees gets split from the group with a small stone’s beat.
The animals living in the forest will not have the ability of self thinking or realization or we do not know about the presence of this feeling in them. But the human is not like an animal. He is unique and different from the wild animals not because that he can walk with his legs and he is capable of using the weapons.

He is considered as a human being who has crossed the stage of an animal because he is capable of the feeling and the power of self thinking. Hence, he is having the potentiality of making arrangements for his comfort life. The future of each and everyone is based on the individual capability and the self planning & self realization.

Failure will not be faced by any human, who works sincerely and honestly by controlling his desires and wishes and also having in mind about the practical benefits. These are the classic preachings of the great saint of China.


   I have heard that the great saint Confucious of China, has delivered various conceptual speeches about the friendship much largely than any other person in the world. Has he told about the friendship much intelligently than the popular tamil saint Thiruvalluvar?

Guruji’s answer:

There will be definitely a conflict in comparing a legend to another one. If we compare our favourite person to another person, we will forget the defects of our favourite person and will enhance the defects of the other person.

The people who are experts in psychology will feel the percentage of the truth of this. The situation and culture of the Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar is different. The situation and culture of Confucious can never be compared with that of the Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar. It is a foolish activity to consider that by comparing the qualities of the legends.

The friendship with the three qualities of people such as the genuine, honest, experience will always be useful and worthy. It is an unavoidable activity in the life to have friendship with the people of the high society and with the low class.

The friendship in the relationship of the society is a treasure. But, the friendship shall not be entertained with any other person not equivalent to oneself. Either they have to be avoided or we have to remain aside from them. A bad and foolish friend will be the reason for all our troubles and failures like how a good friend will reduce our problems and append our happiness.

The friendship is a wealth for the poor people. It is like a power for the weaker people. It is like a medicine for the patients. Irrespective of any other quality, faith shall be overwhelmed in the friendship. The friendship without having faith is like a sharp knife towards the neck.

The friendship expressed in the lips having poisonous heart will definitely sink the boat of our life by making a hole in it while travelling in the heart of the sea. These are the visions of the great saint Confucious. Let us discuss about the comparison of the thoughts of the Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar.


You had mentioned that the great saint Confucious was positioned as a minister of China, and then he shall be having complete knowledge about the politics and the administration of the government. Isn’t it? I am very much eager to know about his sayings about all this.

Guruji’s answer:

All the parts of the whole world were ruled by various kings in his country of China apart from few places of India. The kings were ruling the country with democratic and autocratic principles. He expressed a revolutionary comment while he lived as a part in that situation.

He told that if a king is a wise man then the people will never be wise people. He told this comment in having this in mind that a king has to bear the punishments for the crimes committed by the people.

We have seen the rigid qualities of the modern Chinese politicians by their way of controlling the student revolution held in the Tinoymen square about ten years back from now. Visualize the toughness of the ancient Chinese Kings while the face of the modern Chinese people is so rigid which we come to know from the above incident. We cannot remain wonder less upon the braveness and the fearlessness of the great saint Confucious who has expressed his comments during the period of the cruel Chinese kings. 

Know more about his sayings about the qualities of a king. A king has to always remain a king at all moments. A king shall never react like a father or husband or friend to anyone. If a king reacts like this without knowing the fine art of ruling the country will lose himself and also spoil the quality of administration.

The head of the ruling party shall understand the problems of the higher officials of the government. Likewise, the higher officials shall understand the problems of the officers under them. If the government and the management of the country feels and discusses about all the problems mutually, then only the problems of the people can be solved easily.

He also says that sufficient food production, industrial development, honest military power shall be required along with the confidence of people upon the ruling government to form a good government in a country.

The country will be ruled by the merchandisers if the politicians, i.e., the rulers of the country are unfair and greedy in nature. The wealth of the people will be grabbed and so they are forced towards the poverty. 

We can declare that most of the modern countries are being ruled by various merchandisers while we observe today’s situation of ruling.

All his preachings were about social welfare activities and not about the religious thoughts because, he trusted that self discipline will get formed by itself if the human starts behaving honestly by following fair principles.

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