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Remedial prayer for avoiding Wedding obstacles!

     Greetings, and best wishes, to all Internet readers.
I thank God for giving this good   opportunity to talk with you, after a long period. I pray to God for you, your family and friends’ healthy livelihood.
Many people are living with sadness and longing as they have not got married even after crossing the marriage period. Some people have gone into depression in mind, because of the sadness of not getting married.  I could understand that so many responsible parents are suffering from tension, the reason being they are unable to perform marriage to their son or daughter and see that happily with their eyes.
Some people are thinking that marriage means pushing an independent person into marriage bondage.  Mangal sutra means, a shackle made out of gold, husband or wife bringing an end to their happy life, by putting a full stop. I am also one among them, is a different matter.  If everybody decides not to marry, and without giving birth to child, going into ascetic, how the World’s movement will take place.  Because of this, in the eyes of society, marriage is considered as a very important qualification.  This society will not accept either an unmarried man or woman, as a full human. With no other way, just to get the recognition from the society, there are people, who get into marriage bondage.
So many of us don’t like living an independent life without marriage. That is why, even if they know there are lot of difficulties in married life, they like that.  But everyone who likes it, get married?  Is there any person who can tell my marriage life is totally as per my liking only.  Definitely No. Getting job after completing education, marriage after getting job, immediately after marriage blessed with baby. Only for 30 people, out of 100, all these are happening.  Balance 70 people are one way or other, craving for marriage.
Without proper job, marriage obstruction, adverse effects of birth horoscope, female curse, sins committed by ancestors are also reasons for marriage obstructions, obstacle in marriage because of Magic - tactical effects, because of disease no good men available for performing your marriage, and supporting you, and also so many strange reasons for marriage obstacle, which can’t be told and this is happening in different ways for different people. So many people are asking “can’t get rid of it’? Is there a remedy?  .are searching for this, and also perform remedial measures.  But only some people get the benefit.  People asked me, is there any remedy which gives benefit to everybody? Can’t you do that?
As per orthodox tradition, there is a Pooja called swayamparvathi Pooja. Mythical source tells to get Parvathi, Lord Shiva and to get Lord Shiva, Parvathi Devi, performed this Pooja, People who have got experience in making mantras, perform the same as suyam Parvathi Yanthram, and by lighting fire calling as suyam Parvathi Homa.  This Pooja can be performed, in a single day.
Apart from this, there is a Pooja way in tantric Shastra, which is called “Vivaga prapthi”. This can be performed either for an individual or many people. Moreover, in King Raja raja chola’s Royal master karurcittar karuvurar mantrik, there is a way for male-female mesmerism.  This is also performed to avoid marriage obstacles and get married.
With the above said Vedic Pooja of suyamparvathi Pooja, combined with Vivaga Prapthi and male-female mesmeric Pooja if it is performed to avoid marriage obstacles, definitely, we can make open, out of these three, any one of the door for marriage. Because of this, marriage which is not taking place, will also definitely take place.  There is no second opinion about this.  Hence, I had decided to perform this Pooja, for affected persons.
We simply cannot start and perform this Pooja, whenever we think. There are some classical restrictions for this. Only according to that, if we perform the Pooja, then only we can get the benefit. On the day of the new moon Punarvasu star must be there.  On the same day, with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter must be accompanied. Our Shastras say, on that auspicious day, if you perform this Pooja, you can get 100% success, According to that, on coming July 26th, (Aadi month 10th day) when full moon is coming, as Shastras said Mercury, Jupiter and Sun are combined, and punarpusam star is also coming on that day.
I think, on that day Pooja can be performed. Those who want to participate in this and get the benefit of the Pooja should certainly send details of their name, Father & mother name, native place, Passport size photo with their horoscope.  The photo and horoscope are non-returnable.  Therefore, if you send the Xerox copy of this, it is enough. People who are not married, divorcees who wish to get married second time, persons who can’t remarry can participate in this.   And after marriage, the husband – wife, who are living separately, also can attend this and get united again. Moreover, the lack of unity in the family life between husband and wife - often quarrelling among themselves, can attend this and get a quiet and peaceful life those people should send their marriage photo also.
If there is more than one person in a single family, we humbly request you to send all the above said details, separately for each person, and   not send all in a single letter, the reason being, marriage is an issue connected with an individual and when we can’t combine other’s, we should concentrate (give our attention) to see that one person’s karma is not attacking the other one.  Like this the offerings given by the participants should be individual only, and should not be combined with other’s offerings.  Reason being, the offerings you are paying is meant as salary for removing your karma, and hence it should not be combined and should be individual only.
On 26.7.2014, midnight we are going to perform this Pooja, and those who would like to participate in this, should send all the details about themselves definitely before 24.7.2014.  Information not received within this date will not be accepted. For all those who register within this date, continuously three days Pooja will be performed with chanting of mantras.  After completion of Pooja, stage by stage, offerings (Prasadams) will be sent along with the instruction as to how to use it.  As this Pooja has to be performed with full mental concentration without any diversions, nobody can participate in this, and we are telling about this well in advance.
As usual, without any differentiation of rich-poor, well to-do- Poverty people, they can send their offerings (donations) as much possible for them. There is definitely no compulsion, as to only this much you have to send. But the amount you send, should at least be able to meet your postal charges, is it not?  I want to tell important information, about the offering you send.  Either this Pooja, or for any other Pooja, when somebody is performing this for you, you are not getting formal “theekshaa” and do chanting of mantra.  Also you are not doing Pooja with proper Mudras.  You are only doing prayers for yourself. On your behalf, all the difficulties are suffered by the person who is doing this Pooja, for you.
In all fairness, you should yourself learn magic legit, Pooja rules, and should perform this. But this is not possible for everybody.  That's why a priest is appointed for us, meaning that priest is performing the Pooja, accepting all our Karmas. At that time whatever you are giving as salary or offering is only a detergent cake to wash off your karma’s dirt, and not a gift. To wash off your sin or karma, by giving some offering, you are giving this by earning the amount by some little hard work.  Because of this only, the relief comes to you as remedy.  This relief comes to you, in the form of benefit quickly, as per the quantum of hard work you put, and give the offering, this is the rule of Shastras.
 So, even if you send less offerings, we do not worry about it.  But from the money earned through your hard work, if you help the needy and poor in your neighborhood either by giving money or material, and then only you will get God’s abides forever. May the all-auspicious blessings of almighty Lord Sriman Narayana bestow on you.

Very important note: -
Those who would like to participate in this Pooja should send all the details about them, or your son or daughter on or before 24.7.2014.
Please inform to us about your offerings (donation) details without fail through phone or email.
Postal Address: -
4/76 C Kamaraj Salai, 
Arakandanallur - 605752, 
Villupuram (Taluk), 
Villupuram District, 
Tamil Nadu.
E-mail address: -
Phone Number: -
+91 - 9442426434
Offerings should be sent to: -
Send a Cheque or DD or Deposit the amount in the name of Guruji
                                    Bank Address: -
                                    NAME - Guruji
                                    A / C NO - 0106301000035874,
                                    LAKSHMI VILAS BANK,
                                    IFSC CODE - LAVB0000106,

( This offer Closed for this year if you are interested contact us by the next year )

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June 14, 2014 at 10:03 PM

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July 29, 2014 at 11:02 PM

what the hell all u r talking about
u must not loot the citizens like this
i know now this baba nd all are fake and they are just earn money by afraiding people about dharms
stop this all nonsense, and kindly try to raise indian economy and by helping poors and childrens

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