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Please save my daughter !

    In our tradition, we believe the mystical fascination which is known as Haraam.  We are unable to completely neglect such allures.  This is not the real status in our country but also in the Arab countries who state that they rule the country as per the moral principles.
There is a lot of demand for the magicians of the Egypt in the countries like Saudi, Kuwait, etc.  But such events will take place in a secret way.  Many magical chores are implemented with the major involvement of Muslim Jinx.  Especially the many of the Kerala Muslims will not commit any kind of good endeavors.

Likewise a malayalee has spoiled my daughter by imposing her some kind of mesmerizing drug.  With the impact of that she remains now as a mentally disordered person.  As a parent I couldn’t tolerate this.  I don’t understand whom to trust now.

There are no medicines which I have not used, no prayers which are not done by me since the past 10 years.  We can take good care of our daughter until myself and my wife are alive.  But I am scared thinking of her condition after our life time.

I am a pure Muslim.  I have not been practiced to urge anyone at any circumstance apart from the Lord Allah.  Hence I request you Guruji to kindly consider me as your own brother, and request you to help me to advise me of any way to get out from the disease of my daughter considering as your daughter or pray the god for her cure.

You are a sinless holy person. Our prayer to you will surely reach the ears of The Lord Allah.  Kindly regret the trouble for the sake of an aged father of a poor helpless Muslim girl.

Kadar Mohaideen

     Dear Sir, Your letter has fused my mind.  I am not apart from the affection of children even though I am not blessed with parturition.  I can understand the feelings of a parent.  Moreover, I am not a person seeing the people based on their castes, but I see the castes through the people.  According to me, I feel and believe the slogan of Eashwar Allah tere naam (Ishwar and Allah are both your names).  I do pray the Lord Sri Krishna not for your daughter, but for our daughter.

Moreover if you feel that she was diseased by the mesmerizing drug, then there is a simple solution mentioned in the Holy quran in 20th Sura of 25th Chapter Al Burgan to make her eat three betel leaves for 23 times by chanting this holy Sura as you believe the Holy quran.

Keep giving this for about 90 days in the mornings.  She will become cured gradually from the madness disease.   Do this work purely by trusting the god and untrusting any human.  To god worshiped by me Lord Narayana Your god the Allah will surely listen to our request and cure the child.  It will happen if you believe this.

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